Tech Talk News: Twitter Makes Some Changes To Their Mobile Apps!!!

Hey guess whats coming your way! More Ads :/ Twitter had made some major changes to their mobile apps with advertising. Hit the jump for the full story. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Study: Is It Good To Download Free Apps??

Plenty of great apps come with two options. A free version or an ad free paid version. Its easy to ignore the ads and enjoy the free version but do the ads effect your phone? Hit the jump to check out the study. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Gadget: Man Sues Apple Because Of Siri “Does Not Perform As Advertised”!!

The Apple iPhone 4S has been a hit since being released last year but one New Yorker is not happy with its performace at all and is suing Apple because of its poor performance. Check out his lawsuit after the jump. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk News: Guess Who Is Suing Facebook Now!!!

Facebook has had it share of lawsuits since its erection and they have recently accused for stealing ten patents from another major company. Hit the jump for details. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk News: Twitter To Add Advertising To Your Timeline??

Twitter is about to get their bread up like Facebook with advertising. Will your timeline be affected? Hit the jump to find out. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

(Video) Tech Talk News: Women Get The 1st Real Life Minority Report!!!

Minority Report is like the standard we all seem to use to judge how our future is going, I’d like to think most of the thing that happened in it Can be possible, I just don’t think the whole envisioning murder’s thing will happen, but every thing else, like the ads playing when they scan your eyes thing, yeah that’s kinda happening now, hit the Jump. +TatWZA

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