Auto Talk: Facelifted Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG spied

Spy photographers have sussed up a few images of the next Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG hustling around the Nürburgring. Given the strategic cladding stuck to the performance sedan’s nose and tail, odds are buyers will see a facelifted version of the mightiest E-Class show up on dealer lots very soon. When it does, the AMG will feature a new fascia, complete with larger, more gaping air inlets to feed the 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 under the hood. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Brabus goes to work on Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Brabus has completed its makeover program for the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, with resultant menu ranging from a quick spruce to an all-day overhaul good for 619 horsepower, 737 pound-feet of torque and a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Audi working on new fuels to make cars carbon neutral

Even as automakers move to increase the number of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), fuel cell vehicles and hybrids, internal combustion technology is not standing still. In fact, Audi believes that the future will see a mix of propulsion technologies and that internal combustion can play a role in producing vehicles that have minimal CO2 impact on the environment. As shown by Toyota’s recent announcement to slow-walk EVs, the industry is looking into other alternatives besides pure electrics to meet ever-tightening Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and zero-emission mandates like those enacted by California. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Mercedes launches SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary racecar

Mercedes-Benz has whipped up a special edition of its SLS AMG GT3 customer racecar to mark the 45th anniversary of the very first SL model. The company plans to build no more than five examples, each stitched together by hand in Affalterbach. Each of the bruisers will come with a special magno graphite matte paint slathered over carbon fiber bodywork. The racer wears a composite hood, trunk lid, aero work and doors. Jump inside, and the SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary offers a full race cage painted to match the vehicle’s exterior as well as carbon-shell seats for both the driver and co-driver. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Historic Ermini brand relaunching with Barchetta Sport

It’s been fifty years since Italian automaker Ermini shuttered its doors, but it looks as if that hiatus has come to an end. The Florence-based sportscar manufacturer plans to launch a new creation, possibly called Seiottosei or 686, by the end of next year. The rear-engine, rear-wheel drive sportster will feature a space frame construction wherein the engine and the sequential transmission serve as structural members. The company isn’t saying what sort of powerplant the car will use, though the questionably translated press release seems to indicate Ermini will eschew large displacement options for something lighter and more sprightly. Even so, the company plans to give its creation a power-to-weight ratio on par with most supercars. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Chevy dealer sells car for wrong price, apologizes after having buyer arrested

A Virginia man spent four hours in jail after purchasing a Chevrolet Traverse from Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake, VA. The dealer’s sales staff accidentally sold the SUV to Danny Sawyer for $5,600 less than they should have, and when Sawyer refused to sign a new, more expensive contract for the correct amount, the dealership called the local police alleging the buyer had stolen the vehicle. Law enforcement then picked Sawyer up and held him for four hours before getting the situation straight. Funk Flex

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