Rihanna’s Catching Some Heat for “Man Down” Video!! (Take the Poll!!)

In RiRi’s new video for Man Down, she acts out exactly what the song is about…killing a man. The Parents Television Council is all up in arms over it, calling it a showcase of “cold, calculated execution of murder.” Oh boy…what’s the big deal?! People die in movies everyday, b!! Read on for details and take the poll to let us know if you think it was a little much!! @MarisaMendez

Michelle Obama Speaks on Common’s Controversial Visit to the White House

The first lady and the White House were recently under fire for inviting rapper Common to attend their annual poetry reading. Fox News had a whole bunch to say, trying to peg him as a “gangsta rapper” which is absurd! This didn’t jolt Michelle or our President, and Common was still welcomed into the House and performed as planned. The first lady recently spoke about the controversial evening. Find out what her take was after the jump. @MarisaMendez

Abercrombie & Fitch Sparks Controversy Selling Padded Bikini Tops for 8-Year-Olds!!

I never rocked with A&F (except that summer in like 1999 when LFO had that song that said, “I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch.” Can’t front…I definitely bought a shirt LOL). They discriminate against girls with hips because NONE of their jeans fit us, they’ve had racism issues in the past, and now in their spring line for Abercrombie Kids (clothes specifically dedicated to 8-14 year olds) they have a bathing suit top called “Ashley” Push-Up Triangle – a triangular-shaped bikini top which comes complete with thick padding for breast enhancement. Wtf!? I’d yoke my little cousin right up if I saw her in a padded top! Read on for details, and share in the comments what you think! @MarisaMendez

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