J.D. Power and Associates gave out the award yesterday for most reliable brand, and Lexus is the class of the competition. The award is based on ownership of a vehicle after 3 years compared to how many problems on average were reported over that time frame. Lexus ran away with the award this year. Specifically, the most dependable model was the Lexus RX, which is the mid-size SUV with the bubble shape. Porsche was the closest to Lexus in the final tally with 94 problems per every 100 cars surveyed. Now when I say problems, it is not necessarily major issues. It could be the smallest thing such as a light on the dashboard on for no reason. Now for every best, there has to be a worst. That award not surprisingly goes to Land Rover! Range Rovers and Land Rovers have a well known history of losing value quickly after a few years of ownership, as well as many electrical problems. Maybe this will wake them up. To see more about the study, hit the link after the jump.