(Photos) Jim Jones Trades the Concrete Jungle in for a Real One … Check Out His “Survival” Kit

Capo has been in the jungle for a couple days, staying in one of the places that Survivor was filmed, and he tweeted this update with a couple pics. No wifi out there?? Yikes. At least his cell is working…clearly. LOL. And what a “survival kit” smh. LOL! Check it out after the jump. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Juelz Santana Poppin Bottles in Miami

Browsing in my boy Young 6’s Lockerz album again and saw this one! LOL! Check out Juelz getting his bottle poppin’ on after the jump. A! Marisa Mendez

(Video) Dip Set Reminisce on “The Tunnel” Days With Funk Flex

In this clip from the latest episode of MTV 2’s Funk Flex: Full Throttle (each and every Sunday at 1:30pm), the Dip Set recant the days of The Tunnel nightclub with the man who was responsible for a majority of the memories, Funk Flex. Now, I was like 5 when these days were poppin’ LOL but I’ve heard many a story enough to know how classic this spot was!! Hit the jump to hear what the Dips had to say. @MarisaMendez

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