(Photos) NBA: Is DeAndre Jordan Taking A Stand Against Racist Clippers Owner With This Pic?

This is the real part I was waiting for. After hearing Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks this morning, my first thought was how would his team react to it. I wondered if there would be a protest of some sort, would they take a stand, or would they not react to it since they have an important playoff game to get ready for. Judging from DeAndre Jordan’s Instagram account, it seems he is the first player to publicly respond to it. Hit the jump and check out his pic. I will tell you now, there is nothing wrong with the picture and you are not seeing things. It is just a simple gesture taking a stand.

(Video) NBA: 18+!! Wow, Snoop Dogg Goes In On Clippers Owner, Curses His Whole Family! You Have To See This

The backlash continues towards Clippers owner Donald Sterling after his racist remarks to his girlfriend about black people were made public early this morning. Snoop Dogg really tears into him and you can see the anger in his face and hear the hatred in his voice. Can you blame Snoop? Nope! What Sterling said is utterly disgusting, especially considering the environment he works in. If you are at work or have small children nearby you may want to use some headphones. Snoop goes off!

(Photos) NBA: Meek Mill Goes Off On Twitter After Hearing Clippers Owner’s Racist Comments

From the sounds of it, Meek Mill was already dealing with an issue he was feeling was racist regarding his music, but after hearing Clipper Owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks this morning he couldn’t take it anymore and went off on his twitter account. Sterling has struck quite a nerve with many people today and it should! This bigot of an owner has the nerve to make racist statements when the majority of the team he owns, that makes him millions and millions of dollars each year is mostly full of black players. Not too mention a large portion of his teams fan base is also black. Meek Mill let his feelings be known on Sterling and racism in general, especially when it comes down to hip hop music. Hit the jump.

(Video) NBA: SMH, Clippers Owner Makes Racist Comments About Magic Johnson & Others, Magic Responds

This just baffles me that people are still like this in this day and age. It is even more baffling to hear racist remarks from a man who owns a basketball team that is full of African Americans trying to help him lift a championship trophy. Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers was caught on tape making some very disgusting remarks to his young girlfriend, V.Stiviano. Some of those remarks centered around Lakers great and hall of famer Magic Johnson and some of the comments were just about her being around black people in general. The crazy part is the girlfriend is half black herself so what is really this guys issue? Obviously we know why she is staying with him at this point, she don’t want to miss out on that money. Is this going to cause an issue within his own organization. Hit the jump to see what Magic said and to hear Sterling’s comments.

NBA: Son of Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Found Dead

So sad.  Scott Sterling, the 32-year-old son of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has died.  Details after the jump… GameTimeGirl

NBA: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Allegedly Consulted Prostitute On Clippers Issues

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling solicited advice on the team’s basketball operations from a woman he described as a prostitute, according to court documents cited by Sports By Brooks.

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