(Photo) Erica Mena Posts A Response To The Bow Wow And Keyshia Cole Drama

Im more than sure Erica Mena is loving this Bow Wow and Keyshia Cole drama going on. Keyshia Cole allegedly egg’d Bow Wow’s friends car thinking it was his. Mena took to Twitter to respond to the drama.

(Fellas Check The Videos) Erica Mena Flashes Her Goods In A Skimpy Bikini

Fellas, check out Erica Mena showing off her goodies in a bunch of sexy videos!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena Gives Us A Lot Of Sideboob & Leg Action!

Fellas, see Erica Mena and her curvy figure in the gallery!

Erica Mena Puts Bow Wow On Blast For Moving On So Fast!

Bow Wow x Erica Mena

Erica Mena has been quite the Bitter Betty as of lately ever since her ex Bow Wow seemed to have moved on. Over the weekend, he posted a picture boo’d up with a mystery woman (you can’t see her face) which implied that he’s obviously dating. However, Erica Mena is NOT trying to hear any of that and had a word or two for Shad. Hit the gallery to see!

(Photos) Keyshia Cole And Bow Wow Have Been Speculated To Be An Item Recent Posts To Social Media

There have been rumors that Bow Wow has moved on from Erica Mena to Singer Keyshia Cole. He recently posted a picture to Instagram with his arm over the singer with the caption

“@keyshiacole we styling on em! JUST KNOW!”

That could mean anything right? But he posted a picture to Twitter and lets just say that it’s creating a little bit of buzz. Check out the pictures after the jump.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena Leaves LITTLE To The Imagination

As she vacations on an island, Erica Mena has been blessing our timelines with thirst trap after thirst trap. See Erica and her goodies in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena Shows Out In Her Bra!

Fellas, hit the gallery for some sexy flicks of Erica Mena!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena Flosses In A Skimpy Bikini!

Fellas, get a nice view of Erica Mena in a bikini!

Oh.. Is THIS The Real Juicy Reason Bow Wow Left Erica Mena?

Sadly for reality TV vixen Erica Mena and Bow Wow, their love we thought would last forever ended way before the two could even say “I do.” As we recently reported, Bow Wow was upset that Erica Mena aired out the fact she had a miscarriage. According to him, he thinks she was doing it for attention and had no business making that public for the world to know. WELL FOLKS, it looks like there may be a slight plot twist.

(Video) Bow Wow Shades Erica Mena Crazy At NYE Party

Last night, Bow Wow hosted a NYE party at his home. At one point in the night, the rapper/actor decided to hop on the mic (with a drink in hand – so he was probably a bit tipsy), and dragged his ex, Erica Mena! This comes after Erica shaded him earlier this week on Twitter, so I guess he had some things to get off his chest! “I don’t care about no broads from 2015,” Bow Wow said to the crowded room. “Shade Room, I know y’all here – don’t ask me about that crazy b*tch! … F*ck them reality shows, n*gga! We done with these reality b*tches, we done with that sh*t!” Well then! Check out the clips below.

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