Shad Moss Is Ready To Give Erica Mena Some Lil Bow Wow’s

Bow Wow x Erica Mena

Shad Moss may be at odds with his first child’s mother, but that isn’t stopping him from wanting to go for a second! Taking to his Facebook (the same place he denounced his daughter’s mom last time), the rapper/actor revealed that he’s ready to make his fianceé Erica Mena a mom again. (She already has a son from a previous relationship.)

Is the world ready for more Lil Bow Wow’s or Mini Mena’s? Check out his post in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) Bow Wow & Erica Mena Have A LOT To Say About His Baby Mama.. SMH!


Bow Wow and video vixen Erica Mena are about to get hitched and seem to be happier than ever. However, there seems to be some trouble in paradise when it comes to his baby mama, Joie Chavis. According to inside sources, Joie refused to let Erica attend their daughter’s birthday party. Men apparently stayed quiet for the longest but now, she has just completely lost it. She made a SnapChat video yelling, “Shout out to the b**ches who are stalking my Snapchat. You just a BM b**ch! Don’t forget.” We’re going to take a wild guess and assume she’s firing shots at Joie. However, Mena then took to her Twitter page to shut down the rumors after fans blasted her for talking about her future husband’s baby moms like that. “These weak blogs will make up and twist anything around just for a story. SMH it must be a slow news day for these fools,” the Love & Hip-Hop: New York star said.

Of course, Bow Wow added fuel to the fire by talking sh*t about his BM via the internet, further more confirming the rumors. Click below to see what was said!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena’s A*s Is Looking CRAZY… You Can’t Miss This!

erica mena

Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena took to her Instagram page to bless our Timelines with a picture of her make-up free face, tiny waist and PHAT a*s in leggings for our viewing pleasures.

One word: DAMN! Check it out over in the gallery.

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Bow Wow Says He’s Responsible For “Creating” Erica Mena.. YIKES!


Bow Wow aka “Shad Moss” and Erica Mena are ready to hit the alter and say their “I do’s” pretty soon. Just a few days ago, the curvy reality TV star posted a sexy flick on to her Instagram page and her fiancee wrote a comment on the photo basically saying that he “created” Mena. “All me! Top to bottom! Look at What I created,” Moss commented. A random IG user questioned Moss as to what exactly he meant by “creating” Mena. In a long-winded response, the rapper-turned-actor went in to explain how he is single-handedly responsible for creating and building the new and improved Erica Mena brand. Sounds a bit delusional to me but, eh… what do I know?

Check out the entire back and forth on IG in the gallery. Do you think Bow Wow can take responsibility for helping improve Mena’s image over the past year? Yeah…. about that.

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(Photo) Did Erica Mena Throw Shade At Yandy And Mendeecees’ Wedding

erica mena

Yandy and Mendeecees just aired their live wedding event on VH1 earlier this week. Fellow reality star Erica Mena was questioned on whether or not she would be airing her wedding but her response raised a few eyebrows.

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Chinx’s Wife Addresses Malika Haqq, Erica Mena & Her Husband’s Alleged Groupies


The Hip-Hop community experienced a colossal loss this weekend after Far Rockaway native Chinx was gunned down in his vehicle early Sunday morning. His wife and mother of his children, Janelli Caceres, has been using her Facebook page to vent about the horrific murder of her husband of 13 years. There has been a lot of drama regarding Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Malika Haqq, reality TV star/model Erica Mena and tons of other girls who are randomly coming out of the woodworks claiming they had relations with Chinx. According to his wife, between the blogs and the hurtful messages she’s receiving, everyone is trying to become “relevant” out of this tragic situation but when it boils down to it, the only people that matter is herself, their children and his family and closest friends.

Click below to see the latest message from Janelli addressing the Riot Squad member’s murder, the groupies and his family below.

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(Video) Damn! Look What Erica Mena Surprised Bow Wow With

erica mena

Let’s all be honest when Erica Mena and Bow Wow came forward with their relationship not many people took them serious. Their engagement came as some what of a surprise but from the looks of things they are continuing to grow.

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(Video) Chinx’s Wife Speaks Out On His Murder

Chinx wife

Prior to his untimely passing early yesterday morning, NY rapper Chinx was rumored to be in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian’s best friend, Malika Haqq. The pair were photographed together numerous times (typically alongside Khloe and French,) and have even alluded to a potential romance by being hugged up on Instagram.

“Shout out to Malika. That’s my… You know what I’m sayin’? She’s a good person. I learned a lot of things from her,” Chinx said when asked about the situation in a recent interview. “I’ve known her for about a year. I wouldn’t lie to you and say we not attracted to each other or nothing like that. That’s my dog. We outside. We building. She’s part of the team.”

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(Photos) Erica Mena Gets Shaded Online For Addressing Malika’s Tribute To Chinx


It is an extremely sad time for the Hip-Hop world after Far Rockaway rapper Chinx was brutally gunned down in his Porsche early on Sunday morning, leaving him dead and fellow Coke Boys affiliate Yemen in critical condition. For those who did not know, Chinx leaves behind two children and a wife (on and off) of 13-years. Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena paid her respects towards Chinx online, which just paved the way for a big mess to go down.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Erica Mena Strips Down & Shows Off Her Bikini Body!


Fellas, check out Erica Mena’s crazy beach body over in the gallery!

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