(Video) Tech Talk News: Women Get The 1st Real Life Minority Report!!!

Minority Report is like the standard we all seem to use to judge how our future is going, I’d like to think most of the thing that happened in it Can be possible, I just don’t think the whole envisioning murder’s thing will happen, but every thing else, like the ads playing when they scan your eyes thing, yeah that’s kinda happening now, hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Patent: Does Apple Have Facial Recognition Coming???

Well apparently so, Now if you’re a real Techie, you know Android recently announced facial recognition with it’s Ice Cream update, but who has the right to it?? Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Device: An Adult Only Vending Machine, Kids NOT Allowed!!!

But it is Safe For Work, and the public for that matter, and Kids would absolutely want some of what this Vending Machine, It’s from Kraft Foods, and It’s Pudding, But Kids can’t get any(what Torture), cause it’s the New ‘Temptations’ Pudding which they say is for Adults only, and the true technology here is It uses Facial Age recognition to make sure Kids Don’t get Any, Hit the Jump for the Video. +TatWZA

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