OriginalFake x February 2011 x New Releases

OriginalFake is a dope clothing line from Aoyama, Tokyo. They will be releasing three new items this weekend for the month of February. There some pretty tough gear they are putting out.  KAWS‘ signature Teeth pattern on the clothing is something to look out for as well. More pics and location on where to cop after the jump! Available this Saturday, February 12th and soon at OF dealers worldwide. @DjJuanyto

Don’t Fall For The Fake LV Cell Phone Belt!!!!

This is a Louis Vuitton Cell Phone Belt and its Completely fake. Besides being counterfeit, reportedly the actual cell phone causes sterilization, So Not Clean! The Cell does have a bluetooth earpiece, and built-in camera…See Details, but you can not get caught rockin this belt, I will Clown You!!! @TatWza

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