(Video) Tech Talk Gaming: Play “Nexus Ninja” On Youtube!!!

Do You happen to Miss 8 bit gaming??? Well Youtube, Google, and the NEW Nexus Phone has your fix, Hit the jump and find out how to Play This 8 bit wonder “Nexus Ninja”. +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk NEW: Will Facial Recognition Be The Future Of Mobile Security???

I only ask because with the Google Nexus and it’s Ice Cream interface Now touting Facial recognition as a Lock inn your phone, it only seems like a logical step to make that the standard, especially with Device thefts rising so fast in recent months(although it seems Droids are not the targets), All devices, no matter the Brand should go with it!! Hit the Jump to see where it is starting. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Specs: Nexus Prime Is A Beast???

All my Android heads have been stressing about this Phone, Mostly they want to know if it’s gonna be on other Carrier’s besides Verizon, well I don’t have that info…Yet, but What I do have is the Specs, and All though the CDMA part may change on another Carrier, most of the rest of the specs will stay the same, so check them out, After the Jump! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Comparison: Samsung Vs. Motorola!!!!

2 of the NEWest, and Most Powerful Android About to be out, And they want to Battle, Hit the Jump to See the Tale Of The Tape!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Leak: Google’s NEW Super Phone Caught On Tape!!!

Actually Samsung was supposed to hold an event announcing this bad boy on the 11th(Tues) but they postponed it today(Out of Respect for The MAN, Steve Jobs), and then this Video popped up with some images, which you can see that and alleged Specs after the Jump! WZA on Google+

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