(Video) Man Takes A Fifth Of Hennessy To The Head And Finishes The Entire Bottle

Everyone has at least on thing that they are good at. Whether it be sports, drawing, singing etc. Well one man showed off how he can drink fifth of Hennessy all to himself. I think that takes some talent and I have to say that it’s pretty impressive. Lol! Check out the video after the jump!

#DJFunkFlexApp New Music: Mack Wilds ft. Troy Ave – Henny (Ted Smooth Remix)

Ted Smooth strikes again with another remix! This time he put’s a different twist on to Mack Wild’s “Henny”. Take a listen after the jump!

(Video) Mack Wilds Talks A Possible Mixtape, His GMA Performance, & Sevyn Streeter Lap Dance!

Mack Wilds talks to Philly’s own Mina SayWhat about performing on Good Morning America,” the “Henny” remix, his next-to-drop album, a possible mixtape and who could forget the oh-so sexy lap dance he received from Sevyn Streeter. Mack coughed it out and beat around the bush much, but we get it (WINK). Hotness. Check out the full interview after the jump.

#DjFunkFlexApp New Music: Mack Wilds “Henny” Remix Feat French Montana & Mobb Deep

SI’s own Mack Wilds releases Henny Remix featuring Mobb Deep and French Montana. Its only right to get Havoc and Prodigy on the remix since Mack sampled “Burn”. Check it out after the jump…

(Video) Shots Fired AGAIN! Waka Said Gucci “Might Just Suck D**k To Go Platinum!”

WHOA! This is getting out of…CONTROL – no pun intended! Things between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame have been getting hotter and hotter. The former com-padres took to twitter yesterday to express their lack of emotions towards each other. Gucci offered to sell Waka’s contract for $1M, and Waka responded by saying that he’s willing to turn up on his friend! NOW…BSM screamer says, “word is back in America [he’s in Germany], ni**as tryna diss me.” Then, as he proceeds to crack open a Henny bottle, Waka informs us that, “nigga will do ANYTHING for a mixtape promo.” That includes…Oh, just hit the jump, because this guy is talking GREASY!

(Video) Bodega Bamz Informs Complex On Who He Is & Drops His New Single, “Navy”

Another artist featured on Funk Flex’s, “Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself?” mixtape is, Bodega Bamz. (I have that “Trap Lords” on repeat!) That’s not all the New Yorker has been up to these days. Bodega Bamz sits down to talk to Complex about who he really is, where he came from and where he’s going. His current state is drinking Henny, rockin’ tan flags, and chillin’ with the boys in this new visual, “Navy.” This dude has a unique sound. Maybe he’ll add to the fresh air of new rap! loL! Also, peep game at the Hot 97 references he makes. Let’s see who can catch it. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Production Duo Tha Bizness Fills Us In On Creating Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane”

Dow Jones and Henny are responsible for creating more then a few hits. This time they show us what it took to make a banger for Kendrick Lamar. At times Henny even uses his own voice as a vocal sample to play with effects and other sounds from the production box. Drop down bottom and have a look. JaaiR (JR)

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