(Video) Wendy Williams: “Beyonce Sounds Like She Has A 5th Grade Education!”

Ouch! Although talk show host Wendy Williams professes her love for Beyonce she also pokes fun at her ability to speak! Williams says Beyonce doesn’t have a vocabulary passed a 5th grade level! I wonder what B and Hov have to say about this. Click below for the video clip. Eloisa Melo

NBA: Jay-Z Names 5 of the Coolest Things About The Nets!

Happy Birthday to HOV!  One of the greatest to ever do it!  Jay-Z spoke to Mark Anthony Green at GQ about what he thinks are the coolest aspects of his Brooklyn Nets.  Gotta love his last answer! Check out what he had to say… GameTimeGirl

(Photos) NBA: Crazy!! Jay-Z Rocking Knicks Jersey With Barclay Ad In Background From 2001 Video!!!

I wish I could take credit for this, cause this is kinda a tough find!!  I found this on Twitter and it’s a pic of Hov rocking a Knicks jersey (I think he still secretly cheers for them) in his 2001 ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A)’ video and in the background is an ad for the Barclay.  Ironic isn’t it?!  This guy was just destined for greatness. People were tweeting that the pic was photoshopped, so of course I did the obvious thing and looked up the video.  The result?  Nope, not photoshopped.  Check out the pics and video & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

Power Respects Power! Obama Speaks On Jay-Z & Bey’s Fundraiser …And Reveals His Fave Jay-Z Song!

Obama speaks on the 40/40 fundraiser, such a huge deal – well, only 40k for cost of the attendance. Only, ha! Obama also revealed that one of his favorite Jay-Z tracks is “My 1st Song”. Dope! Listen below! Biz Baby

(Photos) Barefoot Beyonce?! Time For Blue Ivy To Come Home From Paris!!

After a week long vacation in St. Barth, France for Queen Bey’s 31st birthday, it looks like the family is headed back to the states. Check out the pictures of baby Blue Ivy ready to come back home! Biz Baby

(Video) Tech Talk Spotlight: @Viddy Recaps Jay-Z Performance At SXSW!!!

Love It, Viddy is at SXSW Strong, and they were able to gt different POV’s of Hov’s performance, Thanks To the Homie Evan White!! Hit The Jump. +TatWZA

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