(Video) NBA: Vixen Sophia Body Claims Kobe Bryant Tried to Talk to Her

IFWT_Kobe Bryant

“Model” Sophia Body sat down for an interview with VladTV to mostly discuss her relationship/friendship with Safaree and the fact that he’s really talented and allegedly wrote most of Nicki Minaj’s rhymes.  In the interview she was also asked about a story floating around that Kobe Bryant tried to talk to her.  She confirmed the story but also noted that she wasn’t interested in him.

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(Photo) NBA: Kobe Bryant Defends Russell Westbrook After He’s Criticized For Taking 43 Shots in a Game

IFWT_Kobe Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has been putting up some incredible numbers for the Oklahoma City Thunder including a ridiculous amount of points and racking up triple doubles.  The only problem is, Westbrook’s efficiency has gone down tremendously and though he’s kept the Thunder alive, they’ve also lost a few games where he put up big numbers.  Fans and the media have praised Westbrook for putting the team on his back but he’s also gotten a lot of backlash for his inefficiency.  If there’s one person who knows this story quite well it’s Kobe Bryant and he took to his Twitter account to defend Westbrook.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Is The Richest NBA Player With A Net Worth Of Almost $300 Million


This should come as no surprise considering how big of a star Kobe is and how long he has played, but the black mamba is currently listed as the most wealthiest player in the league! The Lakers great comes in with a worth of about $290 million, but odds are when they do this list next year Kobe will lose the top spot. The way Lebron is selling his “Lebron 12″ kicks, combined with the fact he could restructure his contract and get more money if he really wants should help him take over as the cash king of the NBA! Check out the rest of the top ten!

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(Photos) NBA: Heidi Klum’s Son Falls Asleep & Kobe Looks Sad While Watching the Lakers Courtside

IFWT_Heidi Klum

Well they’re clearly not the Showtime Lakers anymore because it turned into nap time for Heidi Klum’s son who was sitting courtside, yes right there on the floor directly in front of all the “action”.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Hasn’t Played in 2 Months & STILL Leads the Lakers in Shots Attempted This Season

IFWT_Kobe Bryant_2

Kobe Bryant is out for the season with a torn rotator cuff.  Somehow, Bryant – who hasn’t played since Jan. 21 – STILL leads the Lakers in shots attempted this season.

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NBA: Steve Nash Officially Announces Retirement From The NBA


Steve Nash announced his retirement from the NBA today in an unusual way. Rather than a big press conference or trying to get back on the court for a farewell tour, Nash chose to write about his own retirement, via Derek Jeter’s website “The Players Tribune”. Nash with the Lakers never really worked out due to constant injuries, but nobody should forget how amazing of a player Nash was in his prime and the MVP trophies he has to back it up. He never won a title but his career is destined to end up in the Hall of Fame without question.

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NBA: Vlade Divac Says Kobe Bryant is the ‘Best Talent’ He’s Ever Played With Even Over Magic Johnson

Kobe Bryant (L) of the Los Angeles Lakers has his

Vlade Divac was one of the pioneers of Europeans coming to the NBA and having success, having been a key part of the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings.  Now he’s returned to the Kings as Vice President of Basketball Operations.  There’s many things Divac is remembered for and one of them is as the guy the Lakers traded for Kobe Bryant.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Says There’s a Possibility He Could Play Beyond Next Season


It’s clear that Kobe Bryant is in the latter end of his career.  With his body failing him it’s just a matter of time till he has to hang his jersey up.  The only question is when?  The controversial two-year contract extension he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers is up after next season and many people think that is when he’ll retire.  Even Kobe himself hinted that that would be it for him but now after sitting out much of this season with a torn rotator cuff, he says he can envision himself playing longer than that.

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NBA: Rajon Rondo on Kobe: “It’s an honor and a compliment that he’d want to play with a guy like me”

IFWT Kobe x Rajon

Kobe Bryant has often said that he gets along with people who share his attitude and personality and Rajon Rondo is one of those people.  Bryant also said he would continue to recruit Rondo until he signed a contract somewhere.  The two have shared breakfast together in Boston and affectionately refer to each other as “assholes” and on Sunday as Rondo and the Mavericks came to Los Angeles to play the Lakers, Kobe was there to watch.

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(Video) NBA: Emotional & Guilt Ridden Kobe Bryant Admits Vanessa Had a Miscarriage During His Rape Case

IFWT_Kobe Bryants Muse

The Showtime documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” is one of the best athlete docs I’ve ever seen.  One of the best basketball players of all time – on the back end of his career – opened up and let the world into his life.  The Los Angeles Lakers star made an emotional revelation that his wife Vanessa had a miscarriage during his infamous rape case in 2004.

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