NBA: Jeremy Lin After Kobe Misses at the Buzzer: “I like game-winners too. I would love to shoot some”

Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin

If the Lakers game is on the line there’s no doubt that the ball is going to be in Kobe Bryant’s hands.  And well that’s the problem… we all know it and the opposing team knows it.  Bryant has hit countless game-winners over his illustrious Hall of Fame career but it’s a long 19-year career and his legs and speed aren’t what they once were.  Defenders know the ball is coming to him and Kobe’s shot isn’t hitting so well.  On Friday night the Lakers trailed by a single point with 6.3 seconds remaining against the Thunder, and with a chance to win it on the game’s final possession, the ball of course went to Kobe.

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NBA: Dirk Nowitzki: Kobe Bryant is the ‘Greatest Player In My Generation’

IFWT_Kobe Dirk

With Kobe Bryant passing Michael Jordan for third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, it gave fans, media, teammates and opposing players a chance to reflect on Kobe’s remarkable career.  While players like Kevin Durant and Paul George sang Kobe’s praises, Reggie Miller wasn’t as nice.  Dirk Nowitzki was part of the former.  Nowitzki has long battled Bryant and  the Lakers throughout his career and according to him, no one has been better than the Black Mamba during his time in the league.

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*Report* NBA: Celtics Now Open To Trading Rajon Rondo


The Boston Celtics have finally had a change of heart and are now open to trading point guard Rajon Rondo. While no actual team prospects have been mentioned, all roads seem to be heading West

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NBA: Kevin Durant Explains Why He Would Want to Play With Kobe Bryant


I’m sure you remember the ESPN report that rocked the NBA world when it blamed Kobe Bryant for the Lakers failures and said that no other star player wanted to go to Los Angeles and play with him.  Since then many stars have spoken out on Kobe Bryant’s behalf including Paul George and now Kevin Durant.

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(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller: “Michael Jordan on His Worst Day is 10x Better Than Kobe Bryant on His Best Day”

IFWT_Reggie Miller

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for 3rd on the NBA all-time scoring list.  Of course that’s kicked the comparisons between the two shooting guards up a notch or two or ten.  Reggie Miller has played against both legendary players and knows a lot about the game.  He was asked to compare Bryant and Jordan while answering several different questions on The Dan Patrick Show.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Admits He Almost Quit Basketball But Didn’t Because of Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant(L) and Chicag

As a young child, Kobe Bryant liked basketball but he loved soccer. Bryant spent his young years in Italy where is father played professional basketball.  The Los Angeles Lakers living legend has never hid the fact, but after passing Michael Jordan on the NBA’s All-Time scoring list, Bryant admits he very well could have given up on the game if not for Michael Jordan.

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(Videos) NBA: Lakers Throw a Party on Team Plane After Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan

IFWT_Kobe plane party 2

The Los Angeles Lakers team plane was decked out in celebratory signs after Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored.

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NBA: Paul George: “Kobe is the second coming of MJ”

IFWT_Kobe Bryant Paul George

Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.  The milestone of course helped beef up the ever-going comparisons between the two legendary players.  We’ve all noticed a shift however.  Though most people still note that Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, players these days note that they grew up idolizing and learning from Kobe Bryant.  It makes sense since the younger generation didn’t really grow up watching Jordan in his prime.  Paul George notes that Bryant has had a similar impact on the league as Michael Jordan in his era.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant on Andrew Wiggins: “It’s like looking at a reflection of myself 19 years ago”

IFWT_Kobe Wiggins 2

Kobe Bryant is not only one of the greatest players ever in basketball, he’s also one of the most critical.  So for him to say he sees himself in Minnesota Timberwolves rookie, Andrew Wiggins, it really means a lot.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Releases Statement After Kobe Bryant Passes Him on All-Time Scoring List

IFWT_Kobe Jordan scoring list

On Sunday night Lakers legend Kobe Bryant finally hit one of the goals on his list and passed Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list, moving up to sole possession of the third spot.  Bryant hit two free throws in the second quarter to pass Jordan and was given an ovation by the fans in Minnesota and as well congratulations from his teammates and the Timberwolves.  We all know how competitive Jordan is but he was very cordial about the situation.  After dropping into fourth with 32,292 points, Michael Jordan congratulated Kobe Bryant in a statement released by the Hornets.

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