The Weeknd Pens Letter To Fans Before Debut Album Drops

The Weeknd rose to popularity in the summer of 2011, but took his time in putting together his debut album Trilogy, which is set to release November 13th. He’s also been very scarce with music videos, having only just the other day put out his second video ever. Aware of the fans’ patience and their contribution to his career, the singer penned a letter to thank them and assure them he won’t be disappointing them. Read the heartfelt dedication below. Marisa Mendez

Fan/Stalker Sends A Creepy Letter To Scott Disick & Kim Kardashain

I’m sure it’s fun to be a celebrity, but you definitely have to take the good with the bad. Or should I say, the good with the incredibly creepy! There are some very scary people out there who will do ANYTHING to get next to their favorite public figure, and that can be by ANY means necessary sometimes…even if it means death. One such weirdo sent a cryptic message to Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick (via his NY eatery Ryu), and included her sis Kim in there as well. It was promptly turned over to police. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing more than a harmless letter! Just how odd is it? “You can wear sunglasses or you can walk up to me with your glasses on and hand this note. Then I will know and we’ll leave the library,” is just an example! Read the letter in full below. Marisa Mendez

Texas Sheriff Department Spokesman Goes In On Fiona Apple After Arrest

Singer Fiona Apple was arrested last week for bringing weed into Texas…a thing many other celebs have learned the hard way in the past. The state has a no-nonsense rule for all things green, and will promptly take you to jail for it, whether you’re a Joe Schmo or a big name celebrity. Following her brief bid, Fiona made a long statement at her next show, blasting the cops that arrested her and promising to make them “f*cking famous.” Now HCSD Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming has responded to her rant, and he absolutely ripped her in the process. Check out his hilarious letter below. Marisa Mendez

Beyonce Shows Some Virgo Love To Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce’s new thing has been jotting quick notes to people via her website. She’s written to Michelle Obama, Rita Ora, Frank Ocean and a handful more, and now she spreads her love to her fellow Virgo, Jennifer Hudson. The Dream Girl celebrated her birthday yesterday, a little over a week since Beyonce did. I’m sure Jen appreciates the love from the Queen Bey. Marisa Mendez

Beyonce Jots A Note To Praise Rita Ora

Jay-Z’s newest darling diva Rita Ora released her debut album ORA in her native country of the UK this week. In support, Jay’s wifey Beyonce jotted a quick note on her website to show some love. See what she had to say below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Beyonce Reads Her Letter To Michelle Obama

A couple months back, Beyonce wrote an open letter to our First Lady via her new website. Now Jay’s wifey wants to take her appreciation for Barack’s Mrs. to the next level, and reads the letter aloud. Watch below. Marisa Mendez

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