(Photo) NBA: Paul George Reacts to ESPN Report That He Didn’t Want to Play With Kobe Bryant

IFWT_Kobe x PG 3

The war between Kobe Bryant and ESPN is continuing to brew.  First they ranked him the 40th best player in the NBA.  Bryant then responded by calling them idiots.  ESPN then fired back saying they overrated him in the first place.  Kobe then took another dig at the sports giant by calling them idiots yet again while telling rookie Julius Randle to be smart.  And now we have this long and detailed article from ESPN which blames Bryant for the Lakers downfall.  In addition to his contract extension, they also write details from anonymous sources saying that Bryant contributed to the Lakers inability to land a big star and whenever they did get one, Bryant drove them away (i.e Dwight Howard).  One of the big stars they mentioned was Paul George but he denies the claim.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Tells Julius Randle He’s a Bigger Idiot Than ESPN If He Doesn’t Mimic His Work Ethic

IFWT_Julius Randle 4

Despite all he knows about how Kobe Bryant treats rookies, Julius Randle has been very excited to join the Los Angeles Lakers.  Randle said he believes he and Kobe have a lot in common and he can learn a lot from the NBA legend.  Well Kobe feels that way too but if Randle fails to learn from him and their coach Byron Scott, Kobe let Randle know straight up that he’s an idiot.

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NBA: Lakers Coach Byron Scott Says 3-Pointers Get You to the Playoffs But Don’t Win Championships

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat

It’s only preseason and Lakers new hire Byron Scott has already said some pretty unorthodox and downright “huh?!” worthy statements.  Scott laid out his offensive strategy and almost eradicated the three-pointer, saying he wants the team to take fewer than 15 three-point attempts per game.  In fact, in the last two games the Lakers posted a 95-8 mid-range to three-point shot ratio, which is crazy.  He was asked to further clarify his stance on three-pointers and this is what he had to say.

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NBA: ESPN Fires Back At Kobe After He Calls Them “Idiots”, But Did They Go Too Far?


It is funny that a story centered around the word “respect” could come off as so disrespectful and condescending.
I know by now all you guys heard about ESPN ranking Kobe 40th in this years edition of the NBA player rankings. Whether you love or hate Kobe, the rank caused a huge uproar across all of social media. Kobe replied by calling them “idiots” when asked about his spot on the list, and that should of been the end of that. But someone at ESPN felt the need to keep it going and write a story about respect, while seemingly disrespecting one of the greatest players ever.

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NBA: SMH, Steve Nash Hurt His Back Doing What?!

IFWT_Steve Nash 6

Steve Nash’s back problems are only getting worse and you know it’s bad when something as simple as this can keep him out…

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NBA: Whoa Too Much? Coach Byron Scott & Kobe Bryant Agree On Kobe’s Minutes Per Game

NBA All-Star Practice

Kobe Bryant is 36-years old and coming off two major injuries.  Still the Lakers didn’t do as well as they’d hoped during the offseason which means Kobe will still have to carry the team on his back (no matter how withered).  Lakers coach Byron Scott however has high hopes for Kobe and believes the superstar will score 23-24 points per game.  So how many minutes will that take?  Check it out.

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(Video) NBA: Lakers Ronnie Price Loses Shoe & Throws It At Andre Iguodala To Try & Stop The Fastbreak!

IFWT_Price x Iguodala

The Lakers had quite a rough outing against the Warriors last night and this pretty much summed it up.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Explains Why He & Dwight Howard Didn’t Get Along & How He Fixed It


Kobe Bryant has been in a very revealing and honest mood, divulging details about many different things throughout his career.  One of the more recent tales is about he and Dwight Howard.  When Dwight was traded to the Lakers there were numerous headlines about he and Bryant butting heads.  The two clearly have different personalities where Dwight is the more playful, joking type and Kobe is more serious and focused on winning.  Bryant admits that’s why they didn’t get along but they eventually got it together.

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(Photo) NBA: You Can Still Buy a Dwight Howard Lakers Jersey at LAX For How Much?!


Dwight Howard is obviously not very popular in L.A. after leaving and choosing the Houston Rockets over the Lakers.  His jersey is still available at LAX airport in LA but the price is absolutely ridiculous.

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NBA: Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers Set For Christmas Day Game

Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose

The NBA schedule is expected to be released this week but a couple of the Christmas Day games have already leaked.  The Cavaliers will head to Miami to play the Heat and the Clippers and Warriors will face off yet again.  Now we have a third game.

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