NBA: Kobe Bryant Explains Why He & Dwight Howard Didn’t Get Along & How He Fixed It


Kobe Bryant has been in a very revealing and honest mood, divulging details about many different things throughout his career.  One of the more recent tales is about he and Dwight Howard.  When Dwight was traded to the Lakers there were numerous headlines about he and Bryant butting heads.  The two clearly have different personalities where Dwight is the more playful, joking type and Kobe is more serious and focused on winning.  Bryant admits that’s why they didn’t get along but they eventually got it together.

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(Photo) NBA: You Can Still Buy a Dwight Howard Lakers Jersey at LAX For How Much?!


Dwight Howard is obviously not very popular in L.A. after leaving and choosing the Houston Rockets over the Lakers.  His jersey is still available at LAX airport in LA but the price is absolutely ridiculous.

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NBA: Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers Set For Christmas Day Game

Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose

The NBA schedule is expected to be released this week but a couple of the Christmas Day games have already leaked.  The Cavaliers will head to Miami to play the Heat and the Clippers and Warriors will face off yet again.  Now we have a third game.

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NBA Report: Lakers Work Out Michael Beasley


This upcoming season’s roster for the Los Angeles Lakers already has quite a cast of characters and now they’re making it even more interesting.

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NBA: Steve Nash Finally Confirms He’s Planning His Retirement


Despite being 40 years old, missing 67 games last season and 32 the year before, Steve Nash still was unwilling to throw in the towel.  He made it quite clear that he’s determined to finish out his contract with the Lakers and since he’s set to make almost $10 million next year, you can see why.  Well it appears next season is finally the end of the road for the veteran point guard.

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NBA: Byron Scott & Lakers Agree to Four-Year, $17 Million Deal

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat

The Lakers took quite some time to officially hire Byron Scott even though he was reportedly the leading candidate all this time.  Well he is the guy that Kobe Bryant wanted but there were some issues.

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NBA: Check Out The Projected Starting Lineup For the Los Angeles Lakers


The Lakers didn’t have the type of offseason that most fans hoped for.  Instead of getting one of the big stars in free agency, they added Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin, drafted Julius Randle and re-signed Nick Young and Jordan Hill.  Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is returning from injury and is ready to work, so what will their starting lineup look like?

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NBA: Lakers Finally Offer Byron Scott Head Coaching Job


After leaving him hanging forever now, the Los Angeles Lakers finally offered the head coaching job to former Lakers great Byron Scott. The two sides are now in negotiations on a contract. The Lakers made Scott a verbal offer on Thursday after Scott spoke with owner Jim Buss. Scott and his representatives are now in the process of reviewing the Lakers’ offer. Scott, the former Lakers star who won three titles playing next to Magic Johnson, has long been the frontrunner for the job.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Speaks The Truth About What Happened With Dwight Howard & Kobe


Everyone knows Dwight Howard & Kobe Bryant never really got along as teammates on the Lakers. There has been rumors to things that may or may not of happened but Dwight & Kobe themselves never really gave specifics on their relationship. Fans and media have gathered enough info on their own but there is nothing that compares to hearing it from someone directly involved. Phil Jackson knows exactly what happened including the details on the private meeting that occurred prior to Dwight choosing to sign with Houston.

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NBA: Pau Gasol Decides to Join the Chicago Bulls


Free agent Pau Gasol has decided to join the Chicago Bulls he tweeted out on Saturday.

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