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NBA: Phil Jackson Speaks The Truth About What Happened With Dwight Howard & Kobe


Everyone knows Dwight Howard & Kobe Bryant never really got along as teammates on the Lakers. There has been rumors to things that may or may not of happened but Dwight & Kobe themselves never really gave specifics on their relationship. Fans and media have gathered enough info on their own but there is nothing that compares to hearing it from someone directly involved. Phil Jackson knows exactly what happened including the details on the private meeting that occurred prior to Dwight choosing to sign with Houston.

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NBA: Pau Gasol Decides to Join the Chicago Bulls


Free agent Pau Gasol has decided to join the Chicago Bulls he tweeted out on Saturday.

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NBA Report: Lakers ‘Have Moved Into Serious Contention’ To Land Carmelo Anthony


The reports change drastically everyday, welcome to free agency.  Previously it was reported that the Chicago Bulls were the Knicks biggest competition, then it was reported that Carmelo Anthony was most likely heading back to the New York Knicks and now the latest report suggests the Los Angeles Lakers are serious contenders.

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NBA: Report, Knicks Make It Official By Offering Carmelo Anthony Max $129 Million Dollar Deal


The New York Knicks got to have the final word with Carmelo Anthony after his tour around the country visiting team and they are hoping that will be enough. After taking visits in Chicago, Houston and Dallas, Melo had his last scheduled meeting with the Lakers yesterday. With the pressure on the Knicks made a move to schedule their meeting right after he talked with the Lakers. They flew out from New York to meet with him and give their final push before he is expected to decide early next week. All reports say they officially offered the max deal. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Lakers ‘Not Ruling Out’ Re-Signing Pau Gasol


Pau Gasol spent the last six and a half seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, won two championships but also spent the past couple of seasons being the center of trade talks and the scapegoat when things went wrong.  Now Gasol will be an unrestricted free agent, able to go wherever he pleases but he might end up right back with the Lakers.

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(Photo) NBA: Lakers Draft Pick Julius Randle Shows Off His Porsche

IFWT_Randle draft

On Thursday the Los Angeles Lakers selected Julius Randle from the Kentucky Wildcats with the seventh overall pick in the NBA Draft.  About a month ago he posted a picture of a Porsche with the caption “Finally got my baby back”.  Of course it raised a few eyebrows how a college NBA draft prospect could afford a Porsche.  Chances are his agent gave him an advance, which he’ll have to pay back with his new contract.  Anyway it’s a dope car.

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(Video) NBA: Got Him! Lakers Nick Young Gets Faked Out By Kid At His Basketball Camp


Swaggy P loves the kids. Nick Young hosted a basketball camp this week for young kids and I bet the farthest thing from his mind was one of those kids embarrassing him on the court. As Nick plays defense the kid shows off a little dribbling skills and then attacks the rim. He catches Nick with a fake then makes him jump about 5 feet away from the rim while little man scores. This wasn’t for the cameras either because there are other videos from the same day where Nick is just blocking shots and stealing the ball from the kids with no problem. To his credit he even posted to his Instagram that the kid “got me”. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Lakers Want Klay Thompson As Part of 3-Team Deal Sending Kevin Love to Warriors


Kevin Love is the most coveted trade asset right now and several teams are after him including the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors.  Initial talks between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Warriors stalled but now the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get involved.

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NBA: Derek Fisher Out of the Running to Become Lakers Head Coach


The search to replace resigned Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni is still on but Derek Fisher is out of the running.  The team has decided they need a coach with previous NBA head coaching experience which means Fisher won’t make the Jason Kidd leap for the Lakers.

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NBA: Lakers Plan to Interview Lionel Hollins For Head Coach Position

IFWT_Lionel Hollins

So far the Los Angeles Lakers have interviewed two candidates to replace resigned head coach Mike D’Antoni.  They met with Mike Dunleavy and Byron Scott both of whom has previous ties with the organization.  Now they’re going in another direction and reportedly have an interview setup with former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins.

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