NBA: Possible Destinations For Pau Gasol


There’s been talks about the Lakers trading Pau Gasol for a couple years now and it looks like it’ll finally happen.  Though Gasol has been limited due to injuries there’s still several teams on the market interested in the veteran.

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NBA Report: Wow Kevin Love Is Considering These Two Teams In Addition to the Lakers!


Kevin Love will become a free agent in 2015 and numerous reports suggest that he will not return to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  It’s been widely assumed that he will join Kobe Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers but a source says there’s two other teams in the running.

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NBA: Lakers Unlikely to Fire Coach Mike D’Antoni


After a series of discussions following a stretch of historically bad losses this week, the Los Angeles Lakers do not believe that an in-season coaching change will help the team and remain inclined to support Mike D’Antoni over the final 19 games of the season, sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Still Has Knee Soreness, Probably Won’t Return This Season


While many Lakers fans were hopeful the Black Mamba would return soon, it turns out he’s suffered another setback.  During All-Star weekend Kobe Bryant called his recovery from a knee fracture a “slow process”.  Now it’s being reported that he’s suffering knee soreness and it’s so bad he can’t even have tests run yet to determine his progress.

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NBA: Suns & Lakers to Resume Pau Gasol Trade Talks


Pau Gasol has been the topic of trade talks for a couple years now and apparently it’s resumed again.  This season is pretty much lost for the Lakers and they want draft picks to help rebuild the team.  While Gasol is a viable player, the Suns were rightfully so reluctant to give the Lakers a first round pick for the aging, and oft injured forward.  It looks like they may soon come to an agreement however.

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NBA: Chris Kaman Says He Doesn’t Care if The Lakers Trade Him

Chris Kaman Press Conference

Chris Kaman has not been thrilled with his limited minutes this season and the lottery-bound Lakers may put him on the market to see if there is any interest from 2014 playoff contenders that need help at center. When asked, Kaman said he doesn’t care if he stays with the Lakers or is moved to another team.

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NBA: Pau Gasol Out At Least a Week With Groin Strain

IFWT Pau Gasol

The injury bug continues to hit the Los Angeles Lakers pretty hard as they’ve lost yet another vital member of their roster, Pau Gasol.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Says Heavy Playing Time Contributed to Kobe Bryant’s Injury


If there’s anybody who has the skills and determination to come back from injuries, it’s Kobe Bryant.  At 35-years old, Bryant came back from a torn Achilles and later went out again after suffering a fractured knee.  Still there’s no doubt that Bryant can return to greatness and who would know better than his former coach Phil Jackson.  He also alluded to what caused the injury in the first place.

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NBA: Even Phil Jackson Thinks the Lakers Paid Kobe Bryant Too Much


It was no surprise that the Los Angeles Lakers offered Kobe Bryant a contract extension but the amount of money offered is what threw everyone off.  Of course Bryant accepted the offer and it began a long debate about how the contract was too much and it would negatively affect the Lakers chances of rebuilding like they had planned.  Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson also weighed in on the situation and agreed with the general population.

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NBA: Kobe on Carmelo’s Free Agency: ‘Everybody Wants to Play in L.A., It’s Cold as Sh*t in NY’

IFWT Kobe x Carmelo

The Lakers are in New York to take on the Knicks in Madison Square Garden.  Though Kobe Bryant is still out with a knee injury he was on hand to answer some questions.  With Carmelo Anthony breaking Bryant’s MSG scoring record and Anthony’s upcoming free agency, Carmelo was the main topic in questions asked.

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