(Videos) NBA: Lakers Throw a Party on Team Plane After Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan

IFWT_Kobe plane party 2

The Los Angeles Lakers team plane was decked out in celebratory signs after Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored.

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NBA: Jeanie Buss Says Lakers Chose to Build Around Steve Nash Not Dwight Howard

IFWT_Dantoni Nash

The Los Angeles Lakers infamous coaching decision is still one that has people scratching their heads.  Rather than re-hiring legendary coach Phil Jackson, they decided to go with Mike D’Antoni.  Jim Buss has long maintained that it was a decision made by his father Jerry Buss from his hospital bed.  Jerry reportedly wanted a return to the uptempo Showtime Lakers and Jim wanted to make his first big decision for the team.  It might have been more than that though, according to Jeanie Buss the Lakers chose to build around Steve Nash not Dwight Howard.

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(Video) NBA: “Nobody in the World Can Guard Me”, Nick Young Hits Game-Winning Three to Beat Spurs!


A couple days ago a video went viral of Nick Young saying “nobody in the world can guard me” during the Los Angeles Lakers practice.  Well on Friday night he helped make his point.  Nick Young hits game-winning three to give the Lakers a 112-110 overtime win over the San Antonio Spurs.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Has NO Chill! Rips Teammates In Practice, Curses Out Team & GM!


You gotta love Kobe, you just have to! He will NEVER bite his tongue for anyone, doesn’t matter who it is! The Lakers season is already a joke this year, and Kobe knows his time is limited to actually be part of a winning team. Combine that with a ugly practice from his teammates and it set Kobe off! He stormed out of practice but made sure to curse out basically the entire team and GM Mitch Kupchak as he walked off saying ” These MF’s ain’t doing s*** for me”, amongst other things. Teammates said after the fact they weren’t mad at him and they kinda looked at it as he is trying to light a fire under them. I guess that could be part of it, but Kobe probably does have a part of him that can’t stand his teammates and the team he is on. I think he has earned the right to air his frustrations!

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NBA: Magic Johnson Hopes Lakers Lose Every Game, Nick Young Says ‘Stay at Dodgers Stadium’

IFWT_Magic Kobe

Former Laker and current owner of the Dodgers, Magic Johnson hopes Lakers lose every game.  Of course he said it because he wants the Lakers to tank and get a high draft pick.  Still the comment didn’t go over too well with Laker Nation and Laker guard Nick Young.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant & Lakers All Don “I Can’t Breathe” Shirts

IFWT_Kobe Lakers Garner

Derrick Rose was the first player in the NBA to wear the “I Can’t Breathe” shirts and since then many other basketball players have joined him.  From LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving to Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets.  Now Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have joined in on the support.

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NBA: Lakers GM Announces When He Thinks Kobe Will Retire From The League

IFWT_Kobe Bryant

After nearly 20 years of sheer dominance in the league, it seems like Kobe Bryant’s retirement is coming sooner than later, according to the Laker’s GM. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Kobe on LeBron and Carmelo Not Picking Lakers: “What the hell do you want me to do?”

IFWT_Melo Lebron Kobe 1

Sports writers sure know how to beat a dead horse and apparently they’re still asking Kobe Bryant about Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James not signing with the Los Angeles Lakers this past offseason during free agency.  Bryant, especially lately, isn’t one to hold his tongue and gave an answer that will hopefully get them to stop asking Kobe on LeBron and Carmelo.

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NBA: Rajon Rondo Says He & Kobe Bryant Were Just Two “Assholes Having Breakfast”


Back in January when the Los Angeles Lakers were facing the Boston Celtics, Kobe Bryant was asked how would Rajon Rondo handle the rebuild in Boston.  Bryant replied, “From what I understand he’s an asshole like me, so he’ll manage.”  Rondo was flattered by Bryant’s comment.  “That’s a great compliment coming from Kobe,” Rondo said. “I feel the same way about him.”  On Friday night the two teams faced off again but this time the two stars met beforehand and their assholeness came together.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant & Rajon Rondo Had Breakfast Together In Boston


Boston Celtics point guard, Rajon Rondo, met up with LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant, this morning to grab some breakfast. Might I add, those pancakes and bacon looked delightful LOL! The breakfast definitely sparked attention and rumors from all over, especially right after Sports Illustrated revealed Lakers’ interest in Rondo upon becoming a free agent after this season. Was it business related or just two old pals linking up before Friday night’s game?! Photos and more juice on this story after the jump…

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