(Video) NBA: So Sad… Lakers Rookie Julius Randle Suffers Broken Leg in NBA Debut

IFWT_Randle injury 1

This was heartbreaking to watch; Lakers rookie Julius Randle suffered a fractured tibia in his right leg during the season opener against the Houston Rockets and his NBA debut.

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NBA: Lakers Coach Byron Scott Says Kobe Is Serious About Winning Championships, Dwight Howard Is Not


We’re going into year two since Dwight Howard left the Lakers and signed with the Houston Rockets and he’s still being talked about.  This time is the Lakers new coach Byron Scott who fired off the shot.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Reportedly Viewed Dwight Howard Leaving as a “Positive”


There were countless reports written about the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard and they only intensified after Howard left the Lakers and went to the Houston Rockets for less money.  It was assumed that Howard’s playful and comedic personality didn’t mesh well with the stern and competitive spirit of Bryant, that’s why it isn’t hard to believe this latest report.

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(Video) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Hits Up Another Lakers Game & Signs Autographs For Fans

IFWT_Mayweather autographs

Floyd Mayweather showed up for another Lakers preseason game, this time against the Sacramento Kings.  He was also gracious enough to sign autographs for fans during halftime.  The Lakers lost 93-92 thanks to a put-back at the buzzer by Kings’ Ray McCallum.

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(Video) NBA: Jeanie Buss Says Any Free Agent Afraid to Play With Kobe Bryant is Probably a Loser

IFWT_Kobe x Jeanie

After a disappointing season last year the Lakers were expected to make a splash in the offseason with the cream of the crop becoming free agents.  Well that didn’t happen and many suspected it was because no one wanted to play with Kobe Bryant.  In fact ESPN wrote a lengthy article blaming Bryant for the Lakers downfall and using anonymous sources to confirm that several high profile players did not want to play with Kobe including Paul George, Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum.  Jeanie Buss had strong words for anyone that statement might be true about.

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NBA: Jordan Hill Says He Only Re-signed With the Lakers Because Mike D’Antoni Left

IFWT Jordan Hill

Apparently no one was fond of coach Mike D’Antoni and they’re all happy he’s gone.  It’s no secret that Kobe Bryant didn’t respect him, Pau Gasol didn’t like riding the bench under him and now Jordan Hill is speaking out.

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(Video) NBA: Rare Footage Surfaces of Willis Reed Fighting The Whole Lakers Team!

IFWT_Reed x LaRusso

Last night ESPN debuted Michael Rapaport’s 30 for 30 doc When the Garden Was Eden (based on Harvey Araton’s book of the same name, which focuses on the 1970s Knicks.  In the doc they showed footage that many hadn’t seen before, Willis Reed fighting the whole Lakers team.

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(Photo) NBA: Paul George Reacts to ESPN Report That He Didn’t Want to Play With Kobe Bryant

IFWT_Kobe x PG 3

The war between Kobe Bryant and ESPN is continuing to brew.  First they ranked him the 40th best player in the NBA.  Bryant then responded by calling them idiots.  ESPN then fired back saying they overrated him in the first place.  Kobe then took another dig at the sports giant by calling them idiots yet again while telling rookie Julius Randle to be smart.  And now we have this long and detailed article from ESPN which blames Bryant for the Lakers downfall.  In addition to his contract extension, they also write details from anonymous sources saying that Bryant contributed to the Lakers inability to land a big star and whenever they did get one, Bryant drove them away (i.e Dwight Howard).  One of the big stars they mentioned was Paul George but he denies the claim.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Tells Julius Randle He’s a Bigger Idiot Than ESPN If He Doesn’t Mimic His Work Ethic

IFWT_Julius Randle 4

Despite all he knows about how Kobe Bryant treats rookies, Julius Randle has been very excited to join the Los Angeles Lakers.  Randle said he believes he and Kobe have a lot in common and he can learn a lot from the NBA legend.  Well Kobe feels that way too but if Randle fails to learn from him and their coach Byron Scott, Kobe let Randle know straight up that he’s an idiot.

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NBA: Lakers Coach Byron Scott Says 3-Pointers Get You to the Playoffs But Don’t Win Championships

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat

It’s only preseason and Lakers new hire Byron Scott has already said some pretty unorthodox and downright “huh?!” worthy statements.  Scott laid out his offensive strategy and almost eradicated the three-pointer, saying he wants the team to take fewer than 15 three-point attempts per game.  In fact, in the last two games the Lakers posted a 95-8 mid-range to three-point shot ratio, which is crazy.  He was asked to further clarify his stance on three-pointers and this is what he had to say.

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