(Photo) Boxing: Broner To Pacquiao & Maidana – “Come Fight Me P*ssies”

Boxing champ Adrien Broner took to Instagram, where he called out fellow boxing heavy hitters Marcos Maidana and Manny Pacquiao. Broner, known for his flashiness and trash talking, definitely is not holding back, as he said “I tasted defeat once but I won’t lose again.” The star boxer goes on to call the other two “p*ssies”…hit the jump for more juice on Broner’s comments!

Boxing: Stampede Erupts After Mayweather-Maidana Fight

The excitement of Mayweather’s win proved too much for a few fans. In the wake of the unanimous decision, a few fans were trampled over. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) Boxing: Bit His Hand?! Here’s The Moment When Floyd Mayweather Was Allegedly Bitten By Maidana

Floyd Mayweather won his big fight tonight & the only controversy surrounding the bout is that Floyd alleges Marcos Maidana bit him/his glove in the 8th round. Afterwards Floyd said his hand went numb from the bite. Fans had a lot to say on Twitter because Floyd was wearing a glove AND Maidana had a mouthpiece in. Take a look & let us know what you think…

(PHOTOS) Boxing: Rick Ross, Jamie Foxx & Many Celebs Ringside For Mayweather/Maidana Fight

Congrats to the champ on his win!  Of course there were a bunch of celebs ringside for the Mayweather/Maidana fight. Check it out…

Boxing: Mayweather Beats Marcos Maidana By Unanimous Decision — Advances to 47-0!!

YES SIR!  It’s over and the champ remains undefeated!!!  Floyd Mayweather beat Marcos Maidana by unanimous decision &  advances to 47-0 on career.  Congrats Floyd!!!

(PHOTOS) Boxing: Surprised?! Floyd Mayweather Walked To The Ring With …

Yes ladies & gents — Floyd Mayweather just walked to the ring with … NO celebs! Fans are shocked, but that’s what he decided for tonight – No Bieber, No Tunechi … No one. Hit the jump for pics…

(POLL) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana TONIGHT — Who You Got?!

Yep, the big fight takes place tonight — Saturday, Sept. 13th!!  Floyd Mayweather takes on Marcos Maidana again!  You know I’m rolling with the champ — I’d love to see his career stay undefeated. Take the poll & let us know who you got?!

(Live Stream) Boxing: Watch The #MayweatherMaidana Weigh-In Live On #IFWT At 6PM

Check out the Mayweather vs Maidana weigh in right here on IFWT at 6pm! Hit the jump. The live feed will start shortly before 6.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Sr. Says Maidana Has No Chance..Compares Him To What?

You have to love anyone in the Mayweather family because they will always provide a great soundbite during an interview. This time its Floyd SR speaking on how he feels about Maidana and he doesn’t even think he is a boxer, plus why he is mad as hell at his son for bringing Alex Ariza into the camp for this fight. Hit the jump.

Boxing: Guess Which Popular Rapper Will Be Performing During Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 Weigh-In?!

Boss!!  We’ve seen this artist ringside at Floyd’s fights before so it’s no surprise that he will be doing a free performance during Friday’s weigh-ins.  I’m still waiting to hear who will walk Floyd to the ring — will it be Tunechi & Bieber again?!  Stay tuned & check out who will be at the weigh-in…

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