Chris Brown Offers To Move Baby Mama & Daughter To L.A. To Be Closer To Him!

Most of the time when we hear these horror stories of celebs having “break babies,” they tend to want nothing to do with the child nor the mother who gave birth. However, Chris Brown is proving us ALL wrong. He recently reached out to 31-year-old Nia Guzman, the model who he knocked up, to give her a proposition. Sources close to Chris said he wants to move Guzman and their baby Royalty to Hollywood Hills so they could be closer to him. As of now, they reside in Houston and it is way too far for Brown. Sources also reveal he wants to be able to see Royalty every single day, which is VERY commendable now-a-days. He is currently paying Nia off the books WAY more than he’s supposed to for child support, but apparently he got mad that she’s speaking publicly about their past relations to the media. He said if she continues, they’ll go to court so she can receive only the court mandated amount along with paying for her housing expenses if she makes the move to California. Ump, hello! Sounds like an amazing deal to me. Is it really that easy? This chick will have her own reality TV show in no time. SMH! #MustBeNice

(Photos) Chris Brown Posts Picture Of His Daughter Royalty, Then Deletes It

Chris Brown’s visit from his daughter Royalty and her mother Nia Guzman at the Houston stop of his Between The Sheets tour seemed to hit a soft spot, as Breezy posted a picture of his little one to his Instagram shortly afterward with the caption, “Il ya.” (Meaning I love ya.) He took it down pretty quickly, though, likely because it really stood as his first confirmation of the news. Perhaps he wants to speak out on the matter in a more formal way, or maybe he never wants to address it and leave little Royalty out of the media! Who knows! Either way, Breezy is clearly remaining tight-lipped on the matter for now, but of course the picture he posted lives on the web through a glorious screenshot. She is SUCH a cutie! Check out the pic in the gallery.

(Photos) Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Treated Like “ROYALTY” With VIP Access At His Show!

Well, well, well… looks like Chris Brown is stepping up and doing daddy/daughter things with his 9-month-old baby girl, Royalty. Chris had a concert Monday night in Houston and he had a limo sent to pick up his baby mama Nia Guzman, her half-sister and his seed at the hotel where they were staying to bring them to his show with full VIP access. Prior to the Between The Sheets concert, the little family all gathered on Brown’s tour bus where he spent some QT with Royalty. From the looks of it, Breezy is trying to be the best father he can, due to the surprising and unexpected circumstances. POOR KARRUECHE! She better go bag her Drake or something to prove a point, shhhhhhiiieeeeeeetttt. #TheseDogsAintLoyal Check out some flicks captured by the photogs over in the gallery! She is an ADORABLE little baby (by far the cutest celebrity baby I’ve ever seen).

#ThatAwkwardMoment: Chris Brown Parties With His Baby Mama’s Ex, Jas Prince!

These h*es may not be loyal, but either is Breezy! To make this whole baby break ordeal even more awkward, Chris Brown was spotted partying it up with fellow industry big wig Jas Prince just days after the news broke of his 9-month-old child. Chris Brown is always partying, so that is nothing out of the ordinary BUT however, Jas Prince’s ex girlfriend is none other than Nia Guzman— the Houston model who got knocked up by Breezy. Prince flew to Sin City as CB’s VIP guest backstage where the two partied it up all night and flicked it up for the ‘Gram as if Chris didn’t just shoot up his ex-girl’s club and make a surprise baby with her. He captioned the photo, “Last night with the bros @jharden13 @chrisbrownofficial #DraisLasVegas.” I meannnnnnn, I guess guys aren’t as catty as females but I know damn well if my “homegirl” smashes my ex (and ESPECIALLY raw) and gets her pregnant– WE ARE NOT HANGING OUT FOR SH*T! But hey, that’s just me though. What do I know. Check out some flicks of Breezy x Jas and Jas x Nia over in the gallery. *Sips on tea and hums “Loyal” to myself*

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