(Video) Well Okay: Lil Kim’s Baby Father Brings In His Birthday Getting Fed Grapes

Looks like Lil Kim’s baby father is bringing in his birthday the luxurious way. Mr. Papers take to Instagram to show us a video of him enjoying grapes being fed to him. He states he had a lit night. Such a lit night that he didn’t even brush his teeth yet.

(Photos) DAMN! 2 Chainz’ Tour Bus Was Loaded With 2 Semi-Automatics & WHAT ELSE?!

I say got damn (2 Chainz voice)! Last month in Oklahoma, 2 Chainz’ tour bus was stopped by police, due to a broken tail-light, but suspicion set in quickly, as soon as it’s passengers locked themselves on the inside and refused to let officers in (guilty much?)! Once officers got a warrant, they arrested 11 individuals, – including 2 Chainz – and, now information has been let out about the heavy artillery found during the search. Let’s just say, 2 Chainz can now name his tour bus, ‘The Pharmacy.’ Hit the jump and check out what was sitting next to the 2 semi-automatic guns when police showed up.

Stand-Off! Usher’s Ex-Wife Files For Custody After Son’s Hospitalization!

Talk about speed! In case you haven’t heard, you can check back HERE! Usher Raymond’s son, Usher Raymond V a.k.a. Cinco was involved in a pool accident and had to be rushed to the hospital, but not even a full 24hrs later, Tameka Raymond [ex-wife/baby mother] filed papers for custody privileges. Hit the jump for details.

NFL: Yikes! Guess How Porsha Williams Found Out That Kordell Stewart Filed For Divorce?!

Well this is definitely one way you don’t want to find out that your partner has filed for divorce! SMH. Yesterday the news broke that Former Steeler Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams. Well apparently she was blindsided and spoke on how she found out about it. Details after the jump…

Lena Headey Would Like To Retract Her Statements About Her Husband – KINDA

Yesterday, we posted that Lena Headey, filed papers on her husband, Peter Loughran saying that he was an unfit father, exampling the photos that he posted to Facebook of him holding an AK-47. Well, now her lawyers have contacted TMZ to let them know that that’s not the case. The negative was what was focused on…But, wait…wasn’t that why you filed the papers any way? The attorney of Loughran says, “the exaggerated allegations in the story are misrepresentative of Peter.” If these are direct quotes, I don’t see how they are misrepresentations. Click after the jump for more.

(Audio + Photo) Radio Host Gets Fired For Allowing A Guy With Syphilis To Have Sex On Her Show

Jessica Bangkok is a known porn star as well as a radio host for an SiriusXM show named, Radio Sex. The owner of the channel went through with an investigation into one of the segments and found that Jessica allowed Mr. Marcus to have sex on the show – another porn star who’s known to have syphilis. If you remember Mr. Marcus was going around having sex with girls in the industry, knowing that he had the STD (he forged his papers). Which is why the owner is furious with Jessica. UMMM, EW. How could you not tell someone, especially with that being your profession. CRAY! Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter were also fired, because they were performing sexual acts on the show as well. Yes, it’s a sex show, but they don’t have the proper permits and things to have the actual sex happen. Better get to looking for new employment. Drop down bottom for more.

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