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(PHOTO) NFL: Ray Rice & His Wife Want You To Know How Happy They Are


What uppercut?  What knockout?!  Now that everyone has moved past the messy situation with Ray Rice and his wife Janay Palmer, she’s taking to Instagram to tell the world things are great with the couple.  I know it’s hard for some of you to NOT judge, but let’s just be happy that they’re happy.  Check out her pic & message…

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(VIDEO) NFL: Jacoby Jones & Two Teammates Get Kicked Out of Bar


Jacoby Jones & 2 Ravens teammates were booted out of a Maryland bar this past weekend … for being too hammered … and of course someone caught it on tape!
Check it out…

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(video) Sports: Ray Rice Apologizes For Elevator Incident!


Ray Rice and his wife Janay Palmer sat down at a press conference today to address the media and their fans. Both of them have expressed regret for the violent incident at a NJ casino back in February.

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NFL: Ray Rice Pleads Not Guilty To Aggravated Assault & Applies For Pretrial Intervention Program


Ray Rice was indicted last month for allegedly striking his fiancée unconscious in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino.  Today he went to court and plead not guilty.  Hit the jump for details on what happened…

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NFL: Ray Rice & Wife Planning Wedding Reception


Over the weekend we learned that Ray Rice got married to his longtime girlfriend Janay Palmer in a quiet private ceremony a day after being indicted for assaulting her.  Well they are planning on celebrating the occasion…just not for a couple months.  Hit the jump for the report…

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NFL: Wait, What?! Ray Rice’s Marriage Can’t Stop His Wife From Testifying?!

IFWT_Ray Rice 123 5

Ray Rice was officially indicted last Thursday for allegedly striking his fiancée, Janay Palmer, unconscious and then on Friday he got married to Janay.  Many people have assumed that they got married so she wouldn’t have to testify against him.  Well, that may not be the case!  I wonder if video footage from INSIDE of the elevator will surface?!
Hit the jump for details…

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NFL: Awww! Steve Smith Finds Young Fan Upset Smith Was Cut From Panthers; Check Out What He Gave Him!


By now most sports fans have seen the video — it’s been everywhere — the one where the kid was SUPER upset about the Panthers cutting Steve Smith (see HERE if you’re lost).  Well Steve saw the video AND he reached out and found the kid — and had a surprise for him.  I love stories like this.  Check it out…

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(Video) NFL: This Kid is DISTRAUGHT Panthers Cut Steve Smith; Steve Sees Video & Reacts!!

IFWT_kid upset

I don’t blame this kid for being upset, a lot of fans were. A kid named Gavin didn’t handle the news very well when his dad broke his heart and told him Steve Smith was cut from the Panthers. His sister Sophia on the other hand was a little more optimistic. BUT guess who saw the video?! The man himself — Steve Smith. I have a feeling this kid is about to get one hell of a surprise.
Check out the video & Steve’s tweets about the video after the jump…

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(Photos) NFL: Chad Johnson Tells Story On Twitter About Wanting To Fight Ray Lewis & He Was Scared?


It is hard to tell sometimes when Chad Johnson is joking or being serious. Late last night he took to his twitter account to tell a story about wanting to fight Ravens Ray Lewis and that Lewis was scared! Chad even went as far as to say Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had to step in and save Ray. I think everyone will agree if these two ever came to blows Ray would not be the one who needed help. Hit the jump to see what Chad was saying.

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(PHOTOS) NFL Arrest Update: Ray Rice & Fiancee Allegedly Hit Each Other; Info/Pics of Fiancee


Last night news broke that Ray Rice & his fiancee, Janay Palmer, were arrested after an altercation at an Atlantic City casino.  Rumors on Twitter were that Ray knocked his fiancee out, but according to police reports that’s not true (the reports weren’t super detailed though).   They’ve been together since 2008, have a daughter together (born 02/2012) & were scheduled to get married in June.
Check out the latest details on the arrest & photos of his fiancee after the jump

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