Katy Perry Makes Burn Victim’s Holiday Extra Special By Sending Her A Dope Package!

Being that Katy Perry has been named one of the richest females in the music industry, it is only right she keeps doing good deeds for those less fortunate. A little girl by the name of Safyre Terry recently lost many family members in a horrible fire, which left her severely burned and caused her to lose a hand and a foot. Celebrities like Beyonce, President Obama and many more have reached out to the young girl to comfort her during this extremely difficult time.

Beyonce Makes A Burn Victim’s Holiday By Sending Her A Letter & Care Package!

Beyonce may be one one of the wealthiest females in the industry, but that does not mean that she doesn’t have time to stop and do a good deed! Safyre Terry, an 8-year-old burn victim, received the ultimate letter and care package from Bey which made her entire life.

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