(Video) Scandalous!! Joseline Lied About Stevie’s Extra Babies

Lord have mercy, Joseline’s done did it again. She’s got Mimi out here chasing ghosts. Stevie J was actually telling the truth!

(Photo + Video) Joseline Hernandez Shows Off Her Polygraph Results Exposing Stevie J For Watching Gay Porn

Welp! I guess now we know for sure! Joseline Hernandez has just exposed Stevie J for watching gay porn There is no way Stevie can say Joseline was lying about this. Her polygraph results came back that she indeed was telling the truth.

Stevie J Posted In The Strip Club Looking For The Next Joseline Hernandez

While Joseline Hernandez is engaging in social media beefs, Stevie J is in the strip club looking for his next victim. In a recent video, we see Stevie telling strippers how he can make them a little bit of shmoney! I pray these girls don’t fall for it.

(Photo) Joseline Hernandez Says She Plans To Expose Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez is not holding any thing back. She is sick and tired of Stevie J’s BS and is now planning on ‘exposing’ him. Joseline even says that Stevie J likes men. A few weeks ago, we reported that Joseline said she was going to expose someone for liking men. We kind of knew that she was talking about Stevie but it was never set in stone.

(Video) Stevie J Calls Out Joseline!

Stevie J took to Instagram to clear some things up regarding his ex Joseline Hernandez; Stevie didn’t bite his tongue at all! Hit the jump to watch.

Sheesh: Stevie J Ordered To Trial For $1.1 Million In Child Support

Stevie J will now have to go to trial for child support. The musician owes $1.1 million in back child support for his son and daughter. Their ages are 17 and 18. Stevie J had an agreement to pay about $8,557 a month for both children. Apparently he still owes.

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