Kardashians Planning To Sue Over False Sweat-Shop Claims

And they should! Yesterday, a report hit the web that said the Kardashian family were allegedly using sweat-shops with underage children and awful conditions for their various product lines. These claims went on the front page of Star Magazine, and were made by a man that happened to have only been ASSUMING this was true, based on knowledge of OTHER sweatshops in the area! Ummm…what? Naturally, the Kardashian fam is LIVID! Get more details below. Marisa Mendez

Kardashians Reportedly Using Sweat Shops To Make Their Products!

More bad press for the Kardashian family! According to a recently published news report, the family use “slave labor” and turn a blind eye to shocking working conditions where their products are being made. This is AWFUL if it is true! Get the details below. Marisa Mendez

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