(Video) Teen Forces Girl Into Having Sex With His 15-Year-Old Cousins And Friends

This is crazy. 18-year-old, tried to use a sex tape to black mail a young female into performing sexual acts on other males. The young man’s parents had no idea of the charges being held against their son. The boy threatened the 19-yearold girl by telling her he was going to post a sex tape of them two if she didn’t do as he said.

Teen Killed After Girl Sneaks Him In Her House

17-year-old Jordan Middleton was shot and killed after a 14-year-old girl let him in the home. The girl’s father killed Middleton upon thinking he was a burglar. olumbia County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found Middleton dead at about 2:50 a.m. after they were alerted of a burglary in progress.

(Video) NYPD Officers Tase A Pregnant Woman For Demanding A Warrant To Enter Her Apartment

After refusing to let the NYPD into her home, a 17-year-old pregnant teen was tased. Police were responding to a fight between the girl’s boyfriend and her sister’s boyfriend over a video game.

Miami Teen Commits Suicide On Live Stream

This is so sad. 14-year old Nakia Venant did a live stream from her foster home in Miami. She created a homemade noose and committed suicide. There is not much information about the death. Administrators with the Florida Department of Children & Families and also Miami Gardens Police Department are investigating the death.

4 Chicago Suspects Charged With Hate Crime In Facebook Torture

Yesterday it was reported that 4 Chicago teens were arrested for kidnapping a white male and torturing him live on Facebook. Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington and Tunisia Covington have now been charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

(Video) Teen Shoots Herself Dead In Front Of Her Parents

Just last month, Brandy Vela, shot and killed herself in front of her parents in Texas. Her family claims that they are still behind harassed on the internet. People are so cruel. Her family believes that the reason she took her own life was because of being bullied on the internet.

(Video) Woman Arrested For Letting Tigers Roam Around With Her Teen Daughters

A woman is now being charged with child endangerment after she allowed Tigers (yes Tigers) to be around her 14-year-old daughter. 34-year-old Trisha Meyer was arrested after police discovered she had a large male tiger and also three tiger cubs living in her home. Aside from the large cats, she had monkeys, a skunk, a fox and a cougar in her home.

(Video) Teen Beats His 69-Year-Old Grandmother To Death For Hiding His Beer

Eighteen-year-old Dylan Broughman has now been arrested and charged with the murder of his 69-year-old grandmother. Police say they responded to a domestic disturbance between Broughman and Joyce Courson. The two were fighting due to Courson taking her grandson’s beer and hiding it while he was showering.

(Video) Black Autistic Teen Gets Lost During A 5K Race And End Up Getting Attacked By A Man Who Claims He Feared Getting Mugged

A New York teen by the name of Chase T. Coleman was attacked while running a cross-country race. The 15-year-old got lost as he was running and encoutered a 57-year-old.

(Video) Baltimore Teen Who Tripped On Drugs Is Okay And Will Be Receiving Help

The other day, a video went viral of a young girl from Baltimore tripping off of drugs. We now have an update on the girl and her condition. She took to record a video with another women stating she is fine. She went in on the man who recorded her while she was not in her right state of mind.

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