(Photos) Does Someone Have Evidence Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Performing A Sex Act !?!?

When will these people learn that, unless you want to do porn – DON’T and I repeat DON’T put your S**T on any type of film. Even if you do, burn the evidence immediately. Who really wants to see the “Terminator” doing something freaky ??? Crazy visual. Supposedly the picture of Arnold that was BROUGHT. One of many pieces of treasure trove artifacts that were discovered in a storage space owned by late Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. There is some other photos that were allegedly found. Guess who else was tucked away in the Guccione archives. Drop down bottom and find out.

Tech Talk Rumor: Google Working On “Terminator” Reality Glasses???

Every imagined life through the eyes of T-1000? Well Google might be working on making them a reality. Hit the jump to check the rumor. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Robotics: Robots Getting Closer To Natural Movement!!!

This Robot can catch thrown Baseballs and Make Coffee, and the next mimic’s a Caterpillar(Exactly). Is this the beginning of the end, Is this truly whee the Matrix, Or Terminator start? I do think we are getting closer with every step, but see the Bot movements for yourself and let me know, matter of fact take the Poll! @TatWza

(Video) 3 Humans And Their Robot Look-A-Likes!!

This is kinda crazy 3 Robots and their human counterparts. Different type of creepy, for some at least, I actually think it’s pretty cool, have twin and not have to worry getting little things done(eventually). My only concerns are that this is the beginning of The Matrix/Terminator, or one of those apocalyptic type story lines! @TatWza

Kicks: Nike Terminator High Basic (Granite – Dark Obsidian)

Nike Terminator High Basic is a classis ’80 style of a sneaker, more resembles Hoyas colors… sorry guys your season ended short… The Terminator is available at select Nike Sportswear accounts including the UK’s End. Web Polls @DJJUANYTO

HK Terminator Eat Your Heart Out!!!

A Cool video of a homemade “Hunter Killer” style RC tricopter with a Firework cannon!!! @TatWza

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