It seems that the Love & Hip-Hop drama is carrying over into “real life” and these ruthless chicks just won’t let up! Just a few days ago, LHHH star Hazel E was reportedly injured in an ATV accident in Dubai, leaving her with a severe broken nose. However, after posted up a photo of her injuries, everyone started going in on Hazel, saying she’s just faking it as an excuse to get surgery on her rather large nose. Arch rival Masika Kalysha seemed to have similar feelings after she commented on TheShadeRoom’s picture with, “B*tches love ‘I was in an accident surgery’ gone get the beak hacked in half snuffaluffagus we been waiting girl. We ain’t mad.” These two are always going back and forth, so we expect this type of internet bullying from Masika. Regardless if Hazel’s injuries are real, fake, or just an excuse to get surgery– I don’t see how anybody else should be worried about it. If she wants to get her nose smaller, so be it! Check out the mess in the gallery.