Photo Credit: YouTube DJ Suede is the guy behind the “U Name It Challenge,” having put a beat behind famed gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar’s 2010 sermon, “Hold My Mule.” While the challenge was fun and went viral – with Shirley herself even getting in on the fun – he screwed up when he not only put the song up for sale on iTunes without consent from its owner (Shirley,) but also created a video with twerking, alcohol and other related imagery that’s very, VERY against what Pastor Shirley stands for. Shirley’s team quickly hit him with a cease and desist to take down both the video and iTunes song, which was gracious considering they could have simply sued him. However, he didn’t comply, so they had to take it to a $5 million lawsuit. Shirley has explained that she doesn’t want money from him, but would just like the video removed because of the association with things that tarnish her brand.