Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral To Surprise Her Husband Who Tried To Kill Her


Yes. This woman crashed her own funeral. All to surprise her husband who hired bounty hunters/killers to have her murdered. But, in an unexpected twist of fate she escapes and has lived to tell her story! This one is like a real life Taken only in reverse. Hit the jump!

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(18+ Video) Dude Catches His Wife Cheating On Him Red-Handed And Handles It This Way…

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Can you say….WORLDSTAARRR?! Lol this dude walked in his apartment and caught his wife cheating on him butt naked with another man and how he handled the situation was…unorthodox to say the least. But, he definitely takes home the W in this situation. Hit the jump for the full video!

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Bill Cosby’s Wife Ordered By Court To Give Deposition Against Him


Camille Cosby has been ordered by the court to give a deposition against her husband, Bill, who was arrested Wednesday for an alleged sexual assault dating back to 2004. Cosby has been accused of drugging and raping dozens of women including former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand.

Camille Cosby filed a motion to not testify due to a claim in the Massachusetts marital disqualification law, however was shot down by Magistrate Judge David H. Hennessy. The judge claimed to have found “no merit” during his ruling. Camille will now testify at Bill’s deposition January 14th.

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(Photo) Steve Harvey’s Wife Comes To His Defense Following His Miss Universe Foul Up


Aside every King is his Queen, and Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, is no exception to the philosophy. With the comedian’s Miss Universe mishap-naming Miss Columbia Miss Universe when Miss Philippines was the actual winner-looming in the air, his wife comes to his aid with a special message.

Check it out for more.

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Update: San Bernardino Gunman’s Wife Pledged Allegiance To ISIS Right Before Massacre


The wife in the shooting duo with her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, has been identified and also has been discovered to have pledged her allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook, right before the massacre that left 14 innocent people dead at a holiday party. Full story after the jump.

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Pastor’s Pregnant Wife Murdered; Prayers And Support Pour In


This past week, Pastor Davey Blackburn came home to his wife and future child murdered in his Indiana home. An abundant amount of support and prayers now are flooding in. Read the full story here.

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(Video) MMA: Wait What?! Fighter Thanks His Wife & Girlfriend After Winning

IFWT_Benny Madrid

It’s no secret that many athletes have a wife, girlfriend, a jump off and more but it’s usually kept under wraps.  For a second this guy became a legend when he gave a victory speech and thanked his wife and his girlfriend.

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(Photo) Say What?! Terrence Howard And The THIRD Mrs. Still In Marital Bliss?


Sometimes you have to show them better than you can tell them. Terrence Howard is doing just that. During his recent court stops for alimony from the previous Mrs., it was revealed that Howard was divorced from the third (current) Mrs. However, according to the Empire actor, that’s a big fat NO.

Find out more down bottom.

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(Video) According To Uncle Luke “Before Kanye West, Rappers Wasn’t Wifin’ All These Hoes”


According to veteran emcee Uncle Luke too much has changed over the years when it comes to rap. He talked about how the line between R&B and Hip-Hop has been blurred and we can blame no one but Kanye West, who changed the game when he started having high profile relationships.

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(Photos) NBA: Apparently The Wife Of Celtics Jae Crowder Hacked His Instagram & Aired Out His Sidechick


Early this morning when Jae Crowder woke up, he had his own Instagram account. After some strange activity the account is now totally deleted and it appears his wife is the reason why. She either hacked into his Instagram or already knew the password and decided to air out his apparent sidechick.

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