This Ptototype(Not Concept) is obviously in testing but GM is looking to help out crowded cities, well not right now more like when 60% of the population will be in cities by 2030…..See Details!
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Imagine that traffic jam, Well GM did imagine, and came up with the EN-V. The Electric Networked Vehicle, Which means they all communicate with each other as well as traffic lights and anything else it needs to on the road. The units were partially designed by Segway, and they kinda handle like one, sitting only on 2 wheels, and moving in the direction you need it to. By the time this bad boy comes out to the public, battery life should be great, just don’t expect to go drag racing at 25mph, or on any long family drives with a range of 25 miles, and since it’s a 2 seater, but it will be perfect for date night in the city(Perfect Parking), Especially in this nice Red Colored unit!! Targeted Price said to be around 10k, kinda expensive for a supped up road worthy Segway