We all know Myspace is in a different type of trouble, but now it’s official, with it’s future truly up in the air, who knows where the still 50 million monthly users will go to heavily post there music should this once social media giant go completely under? See Details if you even care about it.

Funny this all comes up after the current owner, News Corps, just launch it’s iPad Only News Paper “The Daily
“The new MySpace has been very well received by the market and we have some very encouraging metrics. But the plan to allow MySpace to reach it’s full potential may be best achieved under a new owner.” is what COO Chase Carey recently said, continuing with “There’s been a lot of interest, because there’s been some indication we’re pursuing this path. We’ll consider all options… it could be a sale, it could be an investor coming in to it, it could be us staying in with a restructured ownership structure with management.”