Apple is known for their step by step process of branding themselves and the products they deliver to the public.  With their iCloud service on the way, did Apple overlook the name iCloud and not do any research on the name and term?

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As of the moment Apple is involved in a lawsuit with Amazon over the term “app store”,  so you would think Apple, one of the biggest brands out there would do as much research as possible to make certain the term “iCloud” was not being used by another company. According to Cnet Apple’s extensive search led them to 2 companies in the U.S. which used the term iCloud. One company was registered to a Swedish company called Xcerion that reportedly sold to Apple for $4.5 million in April. The other was filed on May 6 by a North Carolina man named Douglas Dane Baker.

With that search Apple thought they were in the clear but their is a company in Phoenix called iCloud.  iCloud Communications has been doing business in Phoenix since 2005 so apparently Apple overlooked this one. iCloud Communications claims it has been using that name and term for its VoIP service they provide.  At the time there is no word if Apple plans on contacting the company about the name.  Knowing Apple they may just buyout the company just to use the name snice they already announced their iCloud service at WWDC.  Until then we will keep up updated.