Libya’s Transitional National Council says dictator Muammar Qaddafi has died of wounds suffered during a firefight near his hometown of Sirte, according to Reuters and Sky News. U.S. officials are trying to confirm the reports.
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Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi is dead, according to a spokesman for the Transitional National Council.

Qaddafi died of wounds suffered during his capture near his hometown of Sirte on Thursday, Reuters and Sky News reported. U.S. officials say they are working to confirm the TNC’s claim.

“Qaddafi is dead. He is absolutely dead … he was shot in both legs and in the head. The body will be arriving in Misrata soon,” media spokesman Abdullah Berrassali told Sky News.

The Transitional National Council’s UK spokesman, Mahmoud Nacua, warned that there was “not enough information” to confirm Qaddafi’s capture, and a former TNC spokesman in Britain, Guma al Gamati told Sky News that “this is not confirmed.”

Sirte, Qaddafi’s hometown and the last bastion of his supporters, was the last holdout against TNC forces. The town’s capture, which both military officials and new regime political sources said was expected later Thursday, would pave the way for the TNC to officially take control of Libya and move its headquarters away from its Benghazi stronghold in the east to the capital, Tripoli.

White House officials are monitoring the developing reports, but are unable to confirm the status of the former Libyan leader.

Libyan fighters captured Sirte Thursday, two months after the fall of Tripoli.

Reports of Qaddafi’s capture follow Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s visit to Libya Tuesday. She said in Tripoli that she hoped Qaddafi would be captured or killed.

Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Thursday the State Department has been unable to confirm the reports about Qaddafi.