Wendy Williams has addressed the controversy surrounding Fantasia’s newborn baby and her demanding child support from the father who is separated from his wife and works at a T-Mobile store. I agree with Wendy 100% on this one!! Check out the video after the jump!

Capri S.

“Fantasia you knew he was married and unavailable to you when you started sleeping with him,” said Wendy Williams. “All I am saying is you had control of this entire situation and as a wife and I always route for the wife. You are dead wrong in this one Fantasia.”
Thank God a peer of hers had the courage to speak up. Everyone could use a little tough love every now and then, especially when making questionable choices. It’s time for her to grow up and grow wiser, and it helps to have someone shoot the truth to you straight instead of coddling and enabling the foolery. There is nothing left to say because Wendy laid it out and called it what it is – a Hot Mess.
Fantasia has been trending on the internet wanting, her son Dallas father, Atwuan Cook to get a job and help pay some bills as well as provide financial support for the couple’s newborn baby. Well, it looks as though Antwaun has been working…or at least trying. He has a new come up as a bail bondsman with his new company Free Yourself Bail Bonds, dedicated to helping people who get in some trouble with the law post bail. I almost threw up in my mouth. How do you cheat on your wife, have a baby on the side, not pay child support, and try to use your baby mothers song titles to put money in your pocket. If the name sounds very familiar, it’s because it was inspired by Fantasia’s 2004 break out hit, ‘Free Yourself. The tag line for the service is even more catchy, ‘Call Antwuan Cook To Get You Off The Hook’
He also has a professional website, for those who may need his services, Free Yourself Bail Bonds.com
Wendy Williams went in, she calls the T-Mobile store(where Antwuan Cook Works)and said that he only makes$ 60,000 a year, but that’s more than enough to take care of his child.
“As a wife, and I always root for the wife, you were dead wrong for this one, Fantasia. I will never say that you get what you deserved, and it pains me to talk to you this way but… Fantasia you haven’t sung in ages. You’ve got a family that (we all saw on that reality show) that blood sucks financially off of you and you weren’t in a position to have another child, especially with a married man who already has two kids that works at the T-Mobile store. He’s not going to marry you because it’s cheaper not to divorce his own wife, unless you go multi-Platinum.”