Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Terrell Owens will face a different kind of triple-coverage tomorrow when he appears on Dr. Phil.

The former NFL star will be face-to-face with three women who contend he is behind on payments of child support.

Dr. Phil, aka Phil McGraw, said today onCBS This Morning that the taped show didn’t ambush T.O. and that Owens knew what was coming.

“He says he wants to set the record straight. He wants to tell people he’s not the person the media has depicted him of being,” McGraw said. But he added that, “I’m not sure he made a lot of progress with these women.”

During the taping, one of the women told Owens that:

“I have been raising our daughter to the best of my ability. I’ve tried to be the best mother I can be. I have always supported you Terrell and I think you know that. I have come to your defense all the time because I realize you are my child’s father. I would not wish any harm on you, I wish you nothing but the best because I know how I feel as a daughter.”

The three women are identified only as Kimber, Monique and Melanie, and they all contend Owens is delinquent on child support payments and has little or no relationship with the kids.

Owens responds that most of the $80 million he earned in the NFL was either poorly invested or squandered, and that he can’t see his children because of his travel schedule and because they live in different cities, according to a press release from CBS.