(Video) NFL: Katy Perry Gives Sneak Peek With Halftime Show Promo Clip!


Pop star, Katy Perry, is BEYOND ecstatic, as it has been confirmed she will be the NFL 2015 SuperBowl performer. She let us know how excited she is by releasing a sneak preview of what the fans should expect at next year’s spectacle. Katy Perry is known for her DOPE, over-the-top performances, leaving the audience satisfied. Are you football fans ready?! Hit the jump to check out Perry’s promo video and pics!

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(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Fullfills Media Duty With Amazing ONE-WORD Interview!


If you did not know, Seattle Seahawks’ RB Marshawn Lynch was fined $100K for failure to comply to the league’s media policy. The NFL media policy mandates that players must be available to the media during the practice week at the team facility and in the locker room after all games. During the 2013 season and this past Wednesday, Marshawn Lynch refused to respond to news reporters in his post-game interview and conference. Well, the star running back found a way to beat the repercussions of media silence by responding to reporters with one word answers…even saying ‘Yeah’ a total of 12 times! Hit the jump to watch Marshawn Lynch literally mock the NFL policy with his nonchalant responses…

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(Photo) NFL: Dez Bryant Ranks Odell’s Catch & ACTUALLY Praises Him!


Despite reaching a career high of 50 touchdowns with the catch that would ultimately steal the game, Dez Bryant wasn’t the only player making big plays, as the Giants’ Odell Beckham made one of the best NFL catches of all time. The backwards, three finger catch even gained attention and praise from the Cowboys’ WR, who took to twitter ranking it #1 on his list and actually praising the rival WR. Hit the jump for the tweet and Bryant’s response in a post-game interview!

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(PHOTO) NFL: Woman Takes Pic With Ray Rice & Then Immediately Regrets It

Ray Rice Press Conference

Woman Takes Pic With Ray Rice, I’ll never understand people that want to take pics with celebs that they don’t know — and then on top of it, throw them under the bus later.  SMH.
While it will take some time for fans to forgive Ray Rice for the elevator incident with his wife — and some may never forgive him — one fan recently ran into him at a vets office & then took to Twitter afterwards with a comment that has people talking.
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Hilarious Memes Emerge After Odell Beckham Jr.’s 1-Handed Crazy Catch Goes Viral!


It was the catch heard around the world last night!  Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. made an incredible one-handed touchdown catch as the Gmen took on the Cowboys (you can check it out here if you missed it). It set Twitter on fire!! So of course all kinds of HILARIOUS memes emerged shortly after — gotta love social media for this! Lol. Check it out…

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NFL: Bad Blood or Nah?! Jerry Jones Reveals His Conversation With Jay Z

ifwt_hov jerry 1

Last night fans took notice when Jay Z showed up on the sidelines of the Giants/Cowboys game. He was spotted talking to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and many wondered what kind of conversation they had because of the past story about Jerry Jones not wanting Dez Bryant to sign to Hov’s Roc Nation’s Sports (even though he did).
I still wonder which team J was cheering for since he has clients on both sides (Victor Cruz & Dez Bryant)?!
Ahh well, so what was said between the two greats?! Jerry Jones had jokes, check it out…

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NFL: QB Blake Bortles Dumps Girlfriend—For This Reason?!


The Florida QB, who is a rookie for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has decided to say goodbye to his high school sweetheart. Despite being the star in the relationship, he couldn’t take HER being MORE popular than him. Now ex-girl, Lindsey Duke, is a beautiful, blond model. Would you guys have done the same or would you shine together?! Hit the jump for more on Bortles and Lindsey Duke!

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(PHOTO) NFL: Sneakerheads Will Love This — Browns Star Joe Haden Opening Rare Kicks Store

ifwt_joe 1

Browns CB Joe Haden is such a huge sneakerhead that he just bought a store of his own & he’s having a massive grand opening party on Black Friday.  I bet he’s going to get all kinds of sales in there!! Sneakerheads don’t play when it comes to rare kicks!
Hit the jump for a few details…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Won’t Use A Switch Again & Doesn’t Want To Be Put In Same Category as Ray Rice


Adrian Peterson is expressed regret and speaking out — he says he’s a changed man and vows to never hit any of his children with a switch again. He also had an interesting comment about Ray Rice.
Check out what he had to say in an exclusive interview with USA Today Sports…

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NFL: Seahawks Star Marshawn Lynch Fined $100,000 By The League


That’s a pretty hefty price to pay. Today it was announced that Lynch will be fined by the league for continuing to avoid speaking with the media. Hit the jump for details.

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