NFL: Tony Romo Injures Collarbone Again, Ruled Out For Rest Of The Season!


The triumphant return of Tony Romo to the Dallas Cowboys lasted less than two games. After missing seven games due to breaking his collarbone against the Eagles back in September, Romo returned last week to lead the Cowboys to victory and keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Yesterday, those hopes ended as Romo re-injured the same collarbone and will now miss the rest of the season after getting beat down by the undefeated Panthers. Not that it matter much because the Cowboys season as a whole died yesterday.

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NFL: Again?!! Carson Palmer Is Paying A Hefty Price For THIS Celebration Dance


The NFL is really cracking down on the unsportsmanlike conduct rules and have gone as far as to ban certain dancing/celebration moves. The popular ‘hip-thrust’is one amongst those banned and has been the cause of multiple hefty fines across the league.

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(Audio) NFL: Ray Lewis Releases Snippet Of His New Song And It Sounds As Terrible As You Might Expect


I don’t know about you but I can’t get jiggy to this sh*t! I have no clue who put the battery in the back of Ray Lewis to start making music but it should have stopped there. Nobody around him should have let him actually release the music to the public because, well, it’s freaking Ray Lewis and he doesn’t know a damn thing about making music. Yesterday he released a snippet of his song “Can You Stand The Rain” and even though I have no idea how the song ends, I know it’s terrible. I’m all for people stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things but this did not go well.

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NFL: The Green Bay Packers And The Denver Broncos Will Face Off In The Fight To Remain As An Undefeated Team In The NFL


This NFL season has definitely been one for the books. Only half way through, we’ve seen amazing plays, tough player match-ups and unexpected wins. This season, five teams remain undefeated going into Week 8, but only two will battle each other to keep the title: The Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers.

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NFL: Find Out What Team Is Trying To Have The New England Patriots Investigated, AGAIN!

The New England Patriots is easily the most controversial team in the NFL. Between Spygate and most recently, Deflategate, the Patriots have proven to stop at no lengths to ensure the team’s successes.

According to former Jets quarterback, Boomer Esiason,felt that his former team may have tried to take extra precautions and asked for there to be a sweep of the visitors locker room, a sweep for any bug devices.

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NFL: Ray Lewis Gives His Accounts OF Atlanta Murders


Ray Lewis is a future Hall of fame Linebacker and super bowl champion, but in 2000 all of that almost went up in smoke when he along with two others were charged with the murders of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker afte. Lewis eventually reached a plea bargin in the case and plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges, but in his new book “I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, And Glory,” Lewis gives his accounts of what really happened.

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(Photo) NFL: Dez Bryant Buys A Pet Monkey

IFWT_dez bryant

Dez Bryant must be bored at home dealing with his fractured foot. A player known for his energy, Bryant has made a name for himself by making dynamic, aggressive, plays because of his passion. So what is he to do whenlaid up with nothing to do? What anyone with money and time does: BUY A PET MONKEY!

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NFL (Photo) Chad Ochocinco Does His Daughter’s Makeup


Chad Ochocinco or simply Chad Johnson is a lot of things: Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, Exiled Wide Receiver, Social Media Commentator, Reality Star, a Douchebag (depending on who you speak to), but now Ocho has added makeup artist to his repertoire.

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(Video) NFL’s Greg Hardy’s Rap Video Is More Incriminating Than His Actual Court Case!


The NFL’s, Greg Hardy, made headlines earlier this week, following comments about having his “guns blazing” during his return to the field. Hardy was suspended after allegedly beating up his girlfriend back in 2014. Though PR teams are probably trying to clean up his image while anticipating his return, a music video that Hardy made post-suspension has surfaced and added fuel to a blazing fire.

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Dead Body Found In Toilet At NFL Game


In case you’re one of the few people who is okay with going to the porta potties, consider this. Someone found a dead body in the toilet at Sunday’s NFL Chiefs- Bengals game. No one has identified him. Do you know who this was?

Later on, someone found him dead in the toilet.

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