(PHOTO) Sports: It’s Official! Chad Johnson Is Playing Football Again

IFWT_Chad playing 1

Congratulations to Chad Johnson!  He’s playing football once again.  It’s not with the NFL, but who knows — maybe it could land him back in the league???
Hit the jump for details & we’ll update you as we get more info…

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(Video) NFL: Aaron Rodgers Featured in Funny Promo For Seth Rogen’s New Film

IFWT_Seth Aaron promo  4

Seth Rogan has a new movie coming out called, “Neighbors” and a funny new ESPN promo was released that features Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.
Check it out…

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NFL: Former Titans RB Chris Johnson Reaches Agreement With Jets

IFWT_Chris Johnson 1

The Jets are making moves!!!  Former Titans RB Chris Johnson has agreed to a 2-year deal with the Jets…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Here She Is! Busty Woman With Johnny Manziel at Rangers Game Identified

IFWT_Manziel new girl

I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down. Lol. Earlier this morning a couple photos (see above) of Johnny Manziel went viral on Twitter because everyone wanted to know who the woman was with him at the Rangers game last night.  Well, guess what?!  She’s been identified!  She’s a model and her name is Kyndal Kyaire.  Life is good for Johnny Football — Check out some of her pics…

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NFL: QB Josh Freeman Agrees To Deal with Giants

IFWT_Freeman  2

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reactions about this!  Giants fans what do you think???  Josh Freeman has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Giants and will compete for the back up QB job. #GMEN
Hit the jump for more details…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: DeSean Jackson Drops Thousands, Pops Bottles & Surrounded By Beautiful Women In Miami!

IFWT_DeSean party  12

Turn down for what?!  DeSean Jackson enjoyed a wild weekend in Miami — dropping cash on expensive bottles & partying with beautiful women.  I mean why not?!  Lol.  Check out how much he spent & the pics…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Victim Shows Brutal Injuries in Alleged Nightclub Beating By 2 NFL Draft Prospects

IFWT_wanted for questioning

Yesterday we learned that two college football stars (both expected to be selected in the upcoming NFL Draft) are wanted for questioning by the NYPD in connection to an alleged attack at an NYC nightclub.  Well now the victim is showing his injuries and it’s pretty bad.  Hit the jump for details & pics…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Check Out Chad Johnson’s New Girlfriend…

IFWT_Chad Crystal 111

Huh, this is interesting.  Apparently Chad Johnson has a girlfriend … and he’s been with her for a while now.  I wonder why people are just finding out about it now?!  There’s a bunch of pictures of two dating back to last year.  The woman’s name is Crystal and she’s a bartender in Miami. They look super happy together.
So how did they meet?!  Hit the jump to find out & check out some of their pics…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Who Is She?! Johnny Manziel Spotted at Rangers Game With A Busty One!


Johnny Football just being Johnny Football! Lol.  Johnny Manziel was spotted at last night’s Mariners-Rangers game and everyone wants to know who the busty woman is that he was with???  Apparently it’s not his last girl, Lauren Hanley. I’m sure we’ll get an answer very soon, Twitter always has the answers (there is an update HERE).  In the meantime, check out the pics…

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NFL Team Offering $100K If You Can Do This…


Here’s another one of those contests that you have a slim chance to win, BUT it can’t hurt to try!  Yesterday the Rams announced that any person who can guess their 2014 schedule with 100% accuracy wins $100,000.
Hit the jump for details…

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