(Video) NFL: Aaron Hernandez’s Fiance’ Testifies That Aaron Told Her He Didn’t Kill Odin Lloyd


Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancé of Aaron Hernandez took the stand today in his murder trail of Odin Lloyd. Shayanna has been given immunity for her agreeing to testify while she deals with perjury charges of her own as prosecutors claim she lied at least 29 times during early questioning shortly after Hernandez was arrested. On the stand today she claims the only discussion she ever had with Aaron about the death of Lloyd was very short.

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NFL: Michael Sam Says There Are Currently Many Gay Players In The NFL, Including Some Famous Stars


Michael Sam became the first gay player associated with the NFL to come out publicly and declare who he is before the media could. According to Sam however, he quickly found out he was far from the first gay player in the league. Although he isn’t naming names, Michael Sam is saying there are currently many gay players in the league who have decided to remain in the closet.

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NFL: Unbelievable! Darren Sharper Now Charged With Rape In Las Vegas, Makes Four States He Is Charged In


Former pro bowl safety Darren Sharper is already facing rape charges in three different states and now you can add a fourth in a truly unbelievable case that is utterly disgusting if all this is true. He is already facing rape charges in California, Louisiana and Arizona and with now a fourth case coming from Nevada it would be hard to believe Sharper would ever again be a free man if convicted on all charges.

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NFL: Crazy! Colts Erik Walden & His Female Friend Are Attacked & Slashed By His Baby Mama


This truly is a crazy story and I am sure Erik Walden’s “lady friend” might think twice about hanging out with him again. Walden, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts, and his female companion were both attacked by surprise by Walden’s baby mother not once, but twice. The attacks led to Walden and his friend being injured and his baby mama, Erica Palmer trying to hide in a hotel.

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(Photos) NFL: Awkward? Jimmy Graham Is With The Seahawks Now, But Bruce Irvin Still Wants To Fight Him


It was just last year when Jimmy Graham found himself surrounded by Seahawks players after he initiated some trash talking prior to the Saints playing the Hawks in the playoffs. Seattle players didn’t take too kindly to Graham walking through their warm up area and let him know about it. It almost turned into a pre game brawl but people were able to separate the sides. Several Seattle players spoke bad about Graham after the game but now that he is one of their teammates after being traded this week it should be interesting to see how relationships take shape. One thing is for sure, linebacker Bruce Irvin doesn’t care if they are now teammates, he still wants a fight and let it be known via twitter after the trade happened. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NFL: DeMarco Murray Shows Up At UFC 185 In Dallas And Gets Booed’, Hears “Eagles Suck” All Night


DeMarco Murray found out last night just how quickly you can go from hero to enemy in sports. Murray was in the crowd for the UFC 185, which took place at American Airlines arena in Dallas, but the love for Murray is already gone. When he was showed on the jumbotron you might have expected to hears cheers but instead he was hit with boo’s and chants of “Eagles Suck” throughout the night. I guess they forgot it was Dallas that didn’t make a real effort to keep him. Then again some fans are just diehards that they don’t care what the reason you left it, all they know is you now wear another jersey.

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(Video) NFL: Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Gets Caught Up In Crazy Street Brawl


Oh boy….can’t they just let this man be great. Apparently not. NFL: Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch gets caught up in crazy street brawl after a drunken man who clearly has a death wish decided to taunt Marshawn and his crew at a local bar in San Francisco on Friday night. Well according to reports, the drunken man threw out a number of insults at Lynch including, “Seattle Sea Chicken”, right before the brawl broke out?? Yup, we couldn’t even make this ish up. Watch inside.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Lose DeMarco Murray, Sign Darren McFadden As Replacement


The Dallas Cowboys got over the loss of DeMarco Murray pretty quickly, although that doesn’t mean they are better off for it. The Cowboys announced today they have agreed to terms with Darren McFadden, who has spent all of his injury plagued career with the Raiders. McFadden will not put up the same type of numbers Murray did, but if he can stay healthy he is not a bad option.

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(Photo) NFL: Chris Johnson Takes First Picture Since Being Shot, Sends Warning To The Shooters


Chris Johnson posed for his first picture since being shot in a drive by in Orlando earlier this week. During the incident, Johnson and two of his friends were shot and unfortunately one of them died as a result. The other friend is in the picture with Chris, along with rapper Kenny Turner who was the one who actually posted the picture while sending a threatening message to the shooters saying “”I HEARD YOU PUSSIES LOOKIN 4 me!!!!! WE GOT something in common….fuck YA!!!! #juice.” Police have said Johnson has not been cooperating, and from the sound of the message to the shooters, it could be because they want to find them before cops do. Hopefully Johnson keeps clean about things. He still has a career to focus on. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NFL: It’s Finally Done! DeMarco Murray Signs Five Year/$42 Million Dollar Deal With The Eagles


The deal that took the past few days to get done, but we all knew it would, finally happened yesterday when DeMarco Murray agreed to a five year/$42 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys allowed Murray to walk away, which may come back to haunt them, especially with Murray staying in the same division. Nonetheless, Murray seems thrilled to be in Philly.

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