NFL: Details On How The Power Of Beyonce Held Up The NFL From Making Their Schedule


Beyonce’s power extends much further than just the music realm. As an icon, she fan flex her strength pretty much anytime she wants and sometimes it happens even when she isn’t trying to. The NFL felt somewhat disrespected by Beyonce’s half time performance during Super Bowl 50 because they felt it was hurtful towards law enforcement officials and some fans but that didn’t stop them from checking themselves and realizing how much power Bey has, prior to them releasing their 2016 schedule this week.

NFL: Former Saints Player Will Smith Shot To Death, Wife Also Shot During Road Rage Incident


This is so tragic and so senseless it’s sickening. Former New Orleans Saints player, Will Smith, along with his wife were both shot late last night In New Orleans in what was an apparent road rage incident. Smith was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife is expected to survive.

NFL: Prospect Jalen Mills Says He Was Asked About How To Kill Someone During Draft Combine


Former LSU star, Jalen Mills says he was asked a pretty awkward question while meeting with teams at the rookie combine last month. There have been reports about some strange questions being asked in the past but this might be the weirdest.

NFL: League Approves New Ejection Rule & More


Richard Sherman is not going to be happy because the NFL owners have approved a one-year trial of the new ejection rule.

NFL: League Finally Admits To Link Between Football And Brain Disease


Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL higher ups have fiercely refused to admit to any definitive link between playing football and suffering from brain disease or “CTE” later in life. They are trying to protect the game they are paid millions of dollars to oversee but yesterday one of the league’s top officials did an about face and actually admitted to the link, which was somewhat shocking.

(Video) NBA: Nate Robinson Wants To Be The First NBA Player To Play In The NFL!


Nate Robinson is trying to do something that has never been done before and it will not be easy! The again, if it was easy, someone might have tried to do it. Robinson, who after being cut by the Pelicans is a free agent, isn’t trying to catch the eyes of general managers or coaches in the NBA. Nope, he wants eyes from the NFL on him as he attempts to be the first player to make the transition from pro basketball to pro football.

NFL: Report, Raiders Move To Las Vegas Is A Serious Possibility


The Oakland Raiders almost wound up in Los Angeles for next season. In fact, there is still a slim chance they wind up there for 2017 but it’s doubtful. San Antonio, Texas has also been growing as a realistic moving spot for the Raiders and now a new, reportedly serious contender is in the works. Las Vegas!

NFL: St. Louis Rams Stedman Bailey Speaks For First Time Since Being Shot In The Head


St. Louis Rams receiver Stedman Bailey was shot twice last week, with one of those being a head shot as he sat in a car in front of his home in Florida. He underwent emergency surgery immediately after the attack and thankfully things are getting better for him. He broke his silence for the first time since the incident.

NFL: Tony Romo Injures Collarbone Again, Ruled Out For Rest Of The Season!


The triumphant return of Tony Romo to the Dallas Cowboys lasted less than two games. After missing seven games due to breaking his collarbone against the Eagles back in September, Romo returned last week to lead the Cowboys to victory and keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Yesterday, those hopes ended as Romo re-injured the same collarbone and will now miss the rest of the season after getting beat down by the undefeated Panthers. Not that it matter much because the Cowboys season as a whole died yesterday.

NFL: Again?!! Carson Palmer Is Paying A Hefty Price For THIS Celebration Dance


The NFL is really cracking down on the unsportsmanlike conduct rules and have gone as far as to ban certain dancing/celebration moves. The popular ‘hip-thrust’is one amongst those banned and has been the cause of multiple hefty fines across the league.

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