(Video) NFL: President Obama Confuses Ravens QB Joe Flacco With James Franco, Flacco Lets Him Know About It


President Obama is feeling the wrath of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco! Well not really, but the POTUS got him confused with actor James Franco while speaking about the movie “The Interview”. The president was talking about the Sony cyber attack and the movie saying, “a satirical movie starring Seth Rogen and James FLACCO. I love Seth, I love James.” Flacco couldn’t resist the urge to mess with the leader of the free world and threw a couple funny jabs at him via twitter. He even welcomes James Franco to the family since their names get confused. Check the gallery!

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NFL: Rams Players Who Did “Hands Up” Protests Take It Further With $10K Donation, Attend Ferguson Xmas Party


This is a dope story of athletes trying to do all they can for something they believe in. As you all know last month prior to a game, a few members of the St.Louis Rams came out with their hands raised showing their support for the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” protests that were going on around the country as a result of what happened between Mike Brown and officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Well even though the local police tried to scold them they decided to take a step further and help out.

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(Video) NFL: Jaguars Sen’Derrick Marks Makes $600,000 On One Play!!


Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks made one HUGE play for himself last night and he knew it immediately!. Marks sacked Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst as the clock struck 0:00 in the fourth quarter, securing a win for the Jags, but more importantly for himself securing a fat check of $600,000! Marks had a clause in his contract giving him the huge bonus if he reached 8.5 sacks for the season. He came into the game with 8 sacks, and that final play of the game put him over that magic number and he popped up doing the money sign like Johnny Manziel!

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(Photos) NFL: Retired N.O. Saint Darren Sharper Indicted On Federal Drug Charges


Darren Sharper has NOW been indicted on federal drug charges today in court, after drugging victims. In addition to raping multiple women in California, Arizona and Louisiana, the retired safety looks to face 20 years if convicted…more details & court document of charges below

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(Video) NFL: Michael Vick Nearly Finished Paying $18M Debt


Michael Vick talks about hardship faced after jail and the debt that he is finally almost done paying off. He is only ONE month shy from being paid in full with his $18 million debt…further deets after the jump!

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NFL: Russell Wilson Changing Agents


The star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, has opted to leave the legendary Bus Cook behind, and move onto other options regarding an agent.

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NFL: Bears Martellus Bennett On Team Losses: Passion Isn’t Always There


Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett chimed in on the teams losing season, stating it’s result of “lack of passion” by the team. The Bears, with a record of 5-9, has suffered three straight losses, “cementing the team’s first losing season since 2009.” Read further comments and deets on Bennett’s remarks!

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NFL: Patriots Gear Banned From Courthouse During Aaron Hernandez Trial


While it seems like common sense already, the judge has barred ALL Patriots gear from the courthouse where Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial is taking place. The former New England tight end has pleaded not guilty to the murders, while additional hearings will proceed…

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(Video) NFL: Tom Brady Drops Too Many F-Bombs, FCC Receives Complaints


The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, has received several complaints regarding the foul language consistently dropped by New England Patriots’ star quarterback, Tom Brady. Talk about letting the game get to you…

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(Video) NFL: LeSean McCoy Does Hilarious Impression of DeSean Jackson Begging For Ball


“Come on CUH, Throw the ball CUH, Jackpot CUH! LOL With the Redskins vs. Eagles game coming up on Sunday, it’s only right LeSean McCoy start the pre-game trash talking with his good friend and former teammate, DeSean Jackson. McCoy took to Instagram and posted a video mocking the Cali-native, Jackson, on how he begs for the ball. The video is too funny, with McCoy imitating DeSean behind a FatHead poster!

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