NFL: Report, There Is An Alleged Video Involving Dez Bryant Similar To The Ray Rice Incident, Dez Reponds


I sincerely hope this is not true, because even as a Giants fan I love watching Dez Bryant play. Let me just emphasize the word “alleged” here, but there are reports that there is a video involving Dez Bryant that plays out similar to the Ray Rice incident when he struck his then fiance and now wife, Janay. According to insiders around the NFL, the video has been known about for some time now and the possibility of it existing is part of the reason the Cowboys have been in slow motion as far as a new contract for Dez. So if it potentially exist, how come nobody has seen it?

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(Photos) NFL: SMH, Johnny Manziel Goes To Rehab, “Cokeboy Johnny” Doll Appears On Amazon


This is kinda foul, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty damn funny. I know with Johnny Manziel being in rehab this may come off as bad taste, but the truth is Johnny will be fine and he will be playing football next season. Someone decided to take the time to make a Johnny doll that is perfect for a trip to rehab, even added a cocaine habit as part of the deal. You can find the doll on for a mere $10.99! Some people will get a good laugh, some people will be in their feelings. Check the gallery!

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NFL: Report, Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Trust Vikings, Not Sure About Returning


Adrian Peterson will likely be playing football in 2015 after he at some point gets reinstated by the commissioner, but it sounds more and more like Minnesota will not be that place. Peterson admits he loves the new coaching staff that he was only able to play one game under, but it’s the front office and numerous other people that he no longer trusts within the organization. Vikings fans are nervous and fans of other teams can have a glimmer of hope to see AP wearing their team colors.

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(Photo) NFL: Prostitutes Warren Sapp Was Caught With Have Been Running Scams On Men In NYC


This story just gets worse and worse and worse for Warren Sapp. It is bad enough he was caught with prostitutes when he had his own girlfriend close by. Then he wound up charged with assault on top of soliciting a prostitute after the women claim Sapp attacked them. He even showed police a video he recorded of one of the women going down on him, thinking it would help his case. Instead it showed police clear evidence of the act involving money and prostitutes, which was $600! He lost his job and other sources of income and now comes a tale that these women have been scamming men they think are wealthy for years and they probably set Sapp up from the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Speak Much, But When He Does You Need To Listen


Marshawn Lynch barely speaks publicly, but when it does you can believe it is something he is passionate about. TMZ dug up footage of Beast Mode speaking from the heart at The New Parish in his hometown of Oakland, CA in the summer of 2014. Lynch tells the crowd he’s extremely proud to “represent where I’m from on the national mother f**king stage” … but says, “I’ve been losing too many of ya’ll.” Marshawn is obviously referring to the fact that Oakland is consistently ranked among the most dangerous cities in the country … and had the 2nd highest rate of violent crime in 2014. “We need to be here for each other,” Lynch said … who also explained why it’s IMPERATIVE that the young people hear his message. This is the Marshawn the media needs to take the time to get to know.

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NFL: Scary! NFL Lineman Fights Off Intruder During Home Invasion Attempt


This is a scary story for anyone. Raiders offensive lineman Donald Penn had to fight off a home invasion recently, and luckily because of his size he was able to fight the guy and hold him down until police came.

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NFL: Report, Peyton Manning Says No To Retiring, Ready To Play In 2015


Peyton Manning reassured Denver Broncos officials, including general manager John Elway, that he is physically and mentally prepared to play at a significant level in 2015, league and team sources told ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen. That statement should make Broncos fans very happy and gives Denver one more legit shot to win a Super Bowl in the Peyton era.

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(Video) NFL: Devon Still’s Amazing Daughter Walks In New York Fashion Week


Devon Still’s pretty little daughter Leah got to walk in NYFW and she couldn’t have seemed happier. She walked the runway like a pro and had everyone in the room cheering for her. Leah is still battling cancer, but nothing seems to break her or her fathers spirit and when you can be like that in a situation like this, then the hope for her to beat it will never end.

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(Photos) NFL: Ah Man! Eagles Apologize For Riley Cooper Being Placed In Calendar For Black History Month


Little slip-ups like this are what can cost people their jobs sometimes. Someone, or some people thought it would be a good idea while creating the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 team calendar, to place wide receiver Riley Cooper as the poster boy for February. Not such a good idea considering Cooper is still hated by some fans and players even if they won’t say it publicly, for a racist tirade he went on while at a concert a couple years ago.

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NFL: Ray Rice Issues Letter Of Apology To Fans


Ray Rice has issued an apology to the city of Baltimore and fans of the Ravens. His arrest for domestic violence totally changed things for him and his team, although the Ravens were still pretty good without him, but nonetheless his bad decision left his team and teammates out to dry. His goodwill tour continues with this apology which comes after news he was offered $1 million dollars to be part of a fantasy league.

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