How can the market support so many generic, derivative supercars? It’s a simple matter of having the financial wherewithal and the motivation. And it seems like everyone and their cousin wants to start their own supercar company these days.

Funk Flex

The latest comes out of the Netherlands from an upstart called Vencer. The Sarthe is its first (and let’s face it, it could very well be its last) product. Named after the French countryside circuit where the 24 Hours of Le Mans is contested, the Sarthe follows a familiar formula: a steel tube frame with a V8 engine plonked in the middle and draped in carbon fiber bodywork.

The shape is rather derivative, looking something like a Noble with the front end of a McLaren F1. The stated output of 500 horsepower is said to be enough to propel the 3,065-lb package to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and on to a 202-mph top speed.

Of course, details on production and availability have yet to surface as it appears the first example has yet to be produced, but you can scope it out in the gallery of high-resolution renderings to get an idea of what the Dutch are up to this time.