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We Are Looking For Writers/Interns For Websites!!! Do You Have What It Takes?!


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Long Island Teen Kills Brother And Sexually Assault Mother !!


Fix It Jesus! An 18 year old teenager in Long Island has been charged with the murder and sexual assault of his own brother and mother! After killing his brother and leaving his mother severely beaten and unconscious, he fled the scene with the family car. The father of the teen was left to find his dead son and wife. Read more after the jump!

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Martin Lawrence Hints At Possbile Bad Boy III !?


With the 11th anniversary of Bad Boys 2 this passed weekend, rumors started going around that a possbile 3rd installment is in the works . Martin Lawrence helped these rumors when he tweeted about the Bad Boy 2 anniversary . A lot of fans would be estatic if Martin and Will decided to make a Bad Boy 3 ! Hit the jump to see what Martin, Gabrielle and more had to say about a new installment.

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“Cake Boss” Family Rescued From A Boat On NY Harbor!


Scary! The owner of the famous bakery Buddy Valestro was rescued from a boat by NY firefighters today. Bobby and his family was rescued from firefighters after their boat became lost in heavy fog! One of the passengers on the boat said the “Fog rolled in like a wave, It was sunny one moment and the next you weren’t able to see what’s in front of your boat. Even an experienced boater would tell you that isn’t something you want to find yourself in.” Sheesh! Hit the jump to read the full story!

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Check The Pics! Rihanna Partying In Brazil!


Our favorite bad gal was caught partying in Rio this weekend with her bff Jennifer Roslales! You know Rihanna doesn’t really like clothes either, hit the jump to see the pics of Rih!

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Michelle Rodriguez Pays Tribute To Paul Walker As FF7 Raps Up!


Paul Walker death is still being felt by everyone close to him, especially his Fast and the Furious co- stars. Michelle Rodriguez, who played Letty Ortiz on the series of movies, payed tribute to her co- start with a series of pictures on Instagram. The cast also wrote a letter thanking their fans on their Facebook account. Hit the jump to read the letter and catch the photos!

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There’s A Missing WHAT In Brooklyn!?!


I heard of a lot of missing animals but I think this is a little extreme! A Pet owner in Brooklyn is posting missing flyers for her pet TARANTULA!
to make matters worse, she is pregnant! Well if you live in the Park Slope area, I hope you like spiders!

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Khloe Kardashian Shows Off New WHAT On Instagram! ?


Our favorite hip hop Kardashian took to Instagram to show off a nice new set of assests she purshaced! I guess French Montana hip hop lifestyle is definitely starting to rub off on her! Hit the jump to see what she got!

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(Video) SMH: C-Span Callers Says “Black People Should Thank Us”


This is proof that racism is still alive and well. A group of white callers recently called into the political channel C-span and made remarks regarding African Americans. The callers said that African Americans owe an immense debt to White people and society ignore racism towards white people. Watch the video after the jump!

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Kimye Refuse To Pay WHAT?!


If this was any other couple in the world, you might have pity on them and say they don’t have the money but COME ON, THIS IS KIMYE! The famous duo apparently refuse to pay for the 20k bill that they accumulated at the castle they celebrated their honeymoon at in Ireland! I guess they told them they can shove that bill up their…nevermind. Hit the jump for more details!

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