(Audio) Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation


Howard Stern Weighs In On Flex/Jay Z Situation, Lmao, I’ll start by saying, this guy is funny. Ok so word of the situation got back to popular Sirius/XM satellite radio host Howard Stern and his team, Robin, Gary, and JD, so while breaking it down for Howard, they play back the audio of Flex, and Howard and the team weigh in on ‘who’s side they are on’.

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(Video) Joey Bada$$ Gets The Crowd Lit During His Album Release Show In Brooklyn


New York was home to another L.I.T. party! Joey Bada$$ celebrated his 20th birthday as well as the release of his debut studio album, B4.Da.$$.

Check out the jump for the fun.

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(Audio) Is This Proof Jay Z Is Buying Hot 97!?!


Jay Z Is Buying Hot 97?!?! HA HA HA, Jay Z of course has enough Bread to Purchase a Company, but in all reality will he spend half of his bread, that he worked hard for to get, to buy a Radio Station that he really doesn’t know how to operate a Radio Station, which means he will have to completely staff it with experienced people, which is more OPERATING cost….Does HOV really want to get into this venture, just to fire Funk Flighty?!? I know, y’all think so…

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(Audio) Funk Flex Breaks Down Jay Z Situation #CalmVoice

IFWT_Focused Funk Flex

I know I know I know, so many of you outside looking in, you’re saying ‘Nooooo, don’t do it Flex’, looking up at the statuesque figure of the Big Homie, Jay Z, seemingly just ignoring that Funk Flex is a legend in the Hip Hop Game, but I get why, Jay has grown beyond Hip Hop. Well Jay is def bigger than Hip Hop, and he is a Don, but as Flex put it, he’s “the Don of his own Bubble”, it’s just seems like more because his ‘Bubble’ is pretty big, but it’s still HIS Bubble.

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(Audio) Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex Rant Against Jay Z


Hannibal Buress Parodies Funk Flex Rant Against Jay Z
Thursday night, Funkmaster Flex went on Hot 97 to air out some ill feelings about Jay Z and specifically HOV’s site “Life + Times.” Flex repeatedly called the site “trash,” and said that they stole ideas from him during an interview. Over 100 bumbs were dropped (That has to be a 2015 record). Although some found it very serious , Hannibal Buress decided to poke fun at it by making a parody skit on what happened. CLICK READ MORE TO CHECK IT OUT !

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(Video) DJ Mustard’s Artist Choice Freestyles On HOT 97 With Funk Flex


Fellow LitDigitalDJ DJ Mustard stopped by HOT 97 to chop it up with Funk Flex. Mustard also came with his artist Choice and he came ready to rap. Flex threw the instrumental on and Choice spit his freestyle. Watch below.

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IFWT_Dipset Clean

Exciting Funk Fliggity does it again, bringing Dipset out , people have been Sooooo waiting for this, incredible!!

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IFWT Announces “Dip Set x Funk Flex” Tour #DipSet2015


If you haven’t heard yet Funk Flex has announced that he will be working with Cam, Juelz, Jim & Zeek in the new year. First Flex and the Dips will be going on tour in local areas of New York followed by a full tour. The dates and cities have not been announced, but Flex did say there are 20 dates. If you want to know more (promoters looking to book the artist for the tour) hit the email [email protected]

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#DJFunkFlexApp LISTEN: Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout & Funk Flex Christmas Eve 14′ Oldschool Mix


Lit Digital DJs Funk Flex, Kool DJ Red Alert & DJ Chuck Chillout continue the tradition by going down memory lane getting on all the classics for Christmas Eve on Hot 97. Check out mixes after the jump.

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(Audio) Funk Flex – Lisa Evers – TT Torrez Speak On Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death

IFWT_Flex - TT - Lisa Evers - Chales Coleman

Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death, Today’s the Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death has the country on it’s head again, last week Ferguson, today is NYC, people are dying by the hand of the police, we want to know what can be done, Flex, Lisa TT, and federal Lawyer Charles Coleman ‘talk about it’.

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