Who You Mad At? Bow Wow Tries To Go In On Funk Flex Over “Renting” Speculations

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow on Empire

We’ve recently reported that Bow Wow was busted for telling people that he bought a mansion when in reality he is renting it for $12K per month (which is a hefty number, so nobody was even knocking him for that). Although our story was in no way trying to necessarily “clown” the rapper/actor but more so state facts, he still seemed to feel a type of way when people began gassing him on Instagram in his comment section.

An IG user wrote to Shad Moss aka Bow Wow:

“Flex was online clowning you just cause you’re renting. As long as you have a place to sleep fam it don’t matter keep up the grind bro.”

Now in reality, no – Flex was NOT clowning anybody. In fact, I was the one who wrote that article; not Flex. However, Shad apparently didn’t even bother to read what was published and decided to go off on a tangent against Flex simply because of a comment – furthermore letting us see his true colors.

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Happy Birthday @FunkFlex !!!

IFWT_Funk bday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BOSSMAN FUNK FLEX!!!  We hope you have another amazing year of success, health & happiness.  May all your wishes come true (Eat lots of cake today — 40 day reset can restart tomorrow)!!!

Members from Team #IFWT have a special message for you after the jump…

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The Guardian Addresses What Drake And Meek Mill’s Beef Say About Hip Hop Today


The whole rap game is split on the issue of whether or not ghostwriting is acceptable in Hip Hop. The Guardian Newspaper addresses what this feud says about Hip Hop today.

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Twitter Won’t Forgive Funk Flex For Not Dropping The Meek Mill Diss Track


Twitter went crazy tonight waiting impatiently for Flex to drop Meek’s diss track. At this point you know it never happened. With all types of tweets and memes being posted it may seem as this is an unforgivable act. read more below.

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(Video) Old Footage Of Drake Talking Greasy About Haters Surfaces

Drake wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt

Update; No wonder I couldn’t find out where is was cause the video is old, some followers of our ‘Gram and the site pointed out he doesn’t have a beard, or look like he was in the gym, sorry I should have investigated more, I guess I didn’t care, my apologies. BUT beside that it’s NOT a Meek Mill diss(or Funk), everything else holds true, so I’m gonna leave it, especially for all the Drizzy fans!!!

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(Video) @1future Talks Growing Up In The Trap, And Gives Advice To Young Hustler’s Trying To leave

IFWT_Future on Funk Flex

Future stopped by Hot97 to talk with Funk Flex before his NYC show last night. While there he dropped some gems, like how he grew up in a crowded household, sleeping on the floor, giving him the hunger to hustle and get a better lifestyle.

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(Video) Rolling Stone Thanks Funk Flex For Letterman Legacy


Rolling Stone thanks Funk Flex !! Making history yet again as Rolling Stone covers the story behind the legendary “Funk Master Flex Night” drop, with the voice of David Letterman. The last episode of the TV legacy “Late Night With David Letterman” came to an end last week. In Remembering Letterman Rolling Stone pays homage to our great Funk Flex and recognized that thanks to him, the voice of Letterman will be in fact forever imprinted in New York City.

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#DJFunkFlexApp DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled Mixes On HOT 97 With Funk Flex


DJ Khaled stopped by the station as he dropped his new record “How Many Times” featuring Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean. Flex and Khaled decided that it was only right Khaled got on the turntables and make the city hot. Check out the DJ Khaled’s mix on HOT 97 below.

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(Video) Kid Ink Funk Flex Freestyle On Hot 97


Last night “Be Real” rapper Kid Ink stopped by Hot 97 to chop it up with Funk Flex & drop off a freestyle. Check out footage below.

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(Audio) Boxing: Jamie Foxx Speaks With Funk Flex & Gives Big Prediction on #MayPac Fight!

IFWT_Funk Flex Jamie Foxx

Everybody is geared up for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2nd.  Actor/Singer Jamie Foxx was in the building and spoke with our very own Funk Flex and gave a big prediction on who will win the fight!

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