This girl is out of control! It’s sadly beginning to be glaringly obvious that Amanda Bynes is another child star that has spiraled down the wrong path. The actress has already been officially charged with not one but TWO hit-and-runs for separate incidents, and had her license suspended for multiple DUI’s. Now she continues to test the waters, as she carelessly drives around her L.A. neighborhood…smoking a marijuana pipe at that (disguised as a car lighter, clever)…with no regard for the fact she is a public figure that can be easily photographed and thus, get into more trouble with the law. YOLO? Let’s not overlook the fact too that her car (seen below) is a filthy pigsty! Please get it together, Amanda.

Marisa Mendez

TMZ has confirmed … Amanda is driving illegally, because the DMV suspended her license on August 25.” So sad1