Rumor has it that New Jersey Housewives’ star Melissa Gorga was a stripper! In the season finale things get heated and ugly! See below for video footage.

Eloisa Melo

It wouldn’t be a Posche fashion show without the drama, and in the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, there’s plenty of name-calling, finger-pointing and bleeping to go around.

After last week’s episode, during which a man appeared claiming to have employed Melissa Gorga as a stripper, everyone is all riled up. Was Teresa Giudice involved in setting up her sister-in-law? Joe Gorga seems to think so.

But he’s also steaming mad at Posche owner Kim D., who manages to insert herself in all the drama, too.

“You’re the scum of the Earth,” Joe tells Kim D. outside the show, while Caroline Manzo and Melissa look on.

“You’re a midget,” Kim fires back. “I play with the big boys!”

Melissa, for her part, laments the entire situation, saying she’s “sick to [her] stomach” while Caroline shakes her head, saying, “It’s so sad. I can’t even get over it.”

Watch the full scene below, then tune in to Sunday’s finale (10 p.m. ET) to see how the drama plays out.