A Mc Donald’s in Virginia  has mounted iPads for customers use.  The owner of the Mc Donald’s Hugh Fard said he got the idea from another Mc Donald’s in Europe and he thought it was good idea to implement the idea in his own Mc D’s. Who knows the idea might spread across other Mc Donald’s across the country.

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Ricky Pritchard and his wife regularly visited McDonald’s on South Lynnhaven Road near the Interstate 264 exit, a location Fard also owns. They didn’t know the new restaurant, about a mile away, had the iPads until they stopped there for breakfast last week.

”I love it,” said Pritchard, 49, after he and his wife finished their steak bagels. “I’ve been sitting here a little too long.”

He and his wife, Victoria, called up Facebook while eating. She said the iPad at McDonald’s made it easier for them to use together than at home, where it’s not always comfortable to share the screen.

“It’s going to keep people here longer,” Victoria Pritchard said. “I can imagine us coming here all the time.”