Todays app is Zoo Keeper Dx.  This game is available on both major platforms iOS and Android.  Zoo keeper is a mixture of Tetris and Bejeweled with a sprinkle of zoo animals (hence the name).  The object of the game is to align three or more in a row or column to clear the animals.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

The definitive version of ZOOKEEPER, the action puzzle game that has attracted 10 million players, is free to download on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch for a limited time only!

The App that reached No. 1 on both the Japan App Store’s Paid and Games rankings has left its home territory to be featured on App Stores worldwide!

[How to play ZOOKEEPER]
This puzzle game is based on the simplest of rules: switch the positions of two adjacent panels in order to make rows of three or more.

Just touch the animal you want to move, slide it toward the animal you want to switch it for, and voila! The animals are switched.
If three or more of the same animals are lined up horizontally or vertically, those animals are caught.
Catch the target number of animals to advance to the next stage!

You can even see how your high scores match up against other players worldwide in the Game Center.
Aim for the top! Be the BEST ZOOKEEPER EVER!

Download For Android & iOS