With Samsung out pacing Apple’s iPhone 4s and 5 with its Galaxy SIII this year.  It puts Samsung in a good place  were  their Galaxy S IV could see record numbers when reeled.  Now a Korean paper is claiming they have inside sources claiming that Samsung will reveal their GS IV at CES in January.  This could confirm other rumors that Samsung sometime in March.

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This rumor is reported exclusive by a Korean paper, claiming inside info from Samsung officials, and we already heard a similar claim by another Korean publication, but no size was mentioned then. What we can grasp from Google’s translation, is that Samsung has been dedicating resources into the Full HD AMOLED, instead of mobile LCD arena, since it is the OLED-based displays that are its differentiating factor before the competition.

Given that the Droid DNA just appeared, the Sony Yuga and Odin are coming with 1080 screens next year, LG shouldn’t be far behind as it has a Full HD LCD panel developed, and Sharp is now selling an Aquos SH903W in Russia with a 5″ 1920×1080 display of its own making, it is only logical that Samsung is prepared to wow with something different. The AMOLED panel is claimed to be very thin, with low power consumption, as well as high contrast and refresh rate, which are staples for OLED-based screens, but we’ll save judgement for when we eventually see it at CES.