When the first generation Nintendo Wii was released the biggest problem was the amount of games released when it dropped.  The appeal of the some of the games were laughable and not meant for real gamers.  This time around Nintendo changed up the formula, by releasing real games people wanna play.  In return the pre orders for the Wii U doubled the pre orders of the first Wii.

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It’s too early to tell whether that situation is going to change with the Wii U, but at the very least, things are looking good prior to this Sunday’s launch.

GameStop reports that it’s currently sitting on 1.2 million preorders for Wii U games on top of the 500,000 consoles it was allocated (all of which were almost immediately reserved when they went up for preorder back in September).

That’s a tie ratio of 2.4 games for every console, which the company says is more than double what it saw leading up to the launch of the original Wii.