LaMarr Woodley called out Ray Rice on Twitter because after the game he walked off the field with a terrible towel on his head.  The Ravens had just beat the Steelers 13-10. LaMarr sent out a warning on Twitter along with a photo to Ray.

I’m a lil confused as to why this was a big deal.  I mean I kinda get it and I know how Steelers fans are with their towels, but it’s not like Ray was wiping his ass with the terrible towel or stomping on it or anything even close to that.  Check out the tweet & let us know what you think.


*Tweet/Photo above in gallery*


In case you’re wondering what LaMarr is reffering to in the tweet – here’s the history:

Both White and T.J. Houshmandzadeh need a security detail in Pittsburgh these days. White stomped on the towel while Houshmandzadeh used one to clean his cleats. This was in 2008 and 2005, respectively, and people still are worked up about it.