Since the release of GTA III, Rockstar Games has shipped a whopping 125 copies in the GTA series combined.  Thats a great number of shipments within a 10 year span. I’m sure GTA V will push these numbers in the 150 million mark, as GTA V is one of the most anticapted games of 2013.

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This news comes by way of GameSpot, which reports that the number was announced by the publisher’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, at the Credit Suisse 2012 Technology Conference. Take-Two also told GameSpot that the company has shipped 25 million copies of Grand Theft Auto IV alone.

It’s important to note that “shipped” does not mean “sold”, but it is safe to assume that very few of the 125 million shipped copies haven’t reached consumers’ hands. It’s also important to note that, at 125 million copies, Grand Theft Auto is easily one of the best-selling gaming franchises in the history of the industry.