From the makers who brought you the Halo series, has sprung a leak. Their name game  (which is still untitled) has leaked onto the internet.  The image after the break shows Bungie’s new game that they have in the works.  I’m sure at the moment Bungie cant be pleased about the leak.   As games like Halo can take years to create and this might be at the beginning stages of production.  Check the leak after the break..

Yungjohnnnybravo x TatWZA


It’s fair to say that gamers are excited to see what the developers at Bungie are working on. Very very excited. After all, Bungie is the company that created the beloved Halo franchise (which 343 Industries took over after Bungie parted ways with Microsoft).

That means, when it comes to this company’s next project, expectations and anticipation is extremely high. That also means that, despite Bungie’s efforts to keep things hush-hush, images and news about its new game have been outed for all the world to see this week. And it’s the third time in recent months that information about this new project has been leaked.