Word is intel plans on killing of Desktop chips.  Now this sounds like a stretch but i dont think intel would stop making Desktop chips but i think their focus may have switched to mobile . After all mobile is what most companies are working on so it would all the sense to follow the trend as a computer chip company. Sure the days of the Desktop have slowed down but to end it is not close.

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If indeed this is what Intel is planning. A reportat chip site Semiaccurate claims this will happen when Intel’s Broadwell chip — designed expressly for mobile — rolls around in 2014. But the report then qualifies this by saying that it “suspects that this decision has not been made” yet and goes on to say that Intel will “bring back” the socket with a chip design called Skylake.

And there’s a Japanese-language report that seems to imply this change is in the works.

That same report opines that this shift away from desktops to mobile reflects “a feeling of crisis” at Intel as power-efficient ARM processors — which power the world’s smartphones and tablets– eat into Intel chip sales.