Wall Street believes in due time Microsoft will over take  Apple and Google in Tablets and Smartphones. Wall Street believes Apple has no long term plan and customers of Apple are not that Loyal to the brand.  I beg to differ I think once an Apple customer always an Apple customer.  I personally think if Apple’s next iPhone is a dud then they might be on point.  But with rumors of Apple trying to develop  wireless charging technology , that alone will keep Apple customers satisfied and draw in new ones.

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It may seem odd that Google gets barely a mention from me, given that the Android operating system dwarfs both Apple and Microsoft in market share.  By some estimates (it depends on what your threshold for “smartphone ” is), Android has over 75% of the market.  And I myself carry an Android phone.

If you want to know why I don’t take Google seriously as a long-term competitor, consider my recent experience with Google Play Music, which is Google’s (shoddy) attempt to compete with Apple’s iTunes.

Google Play Musicsoundsgreat, in theory.  It offers you the ability to upload your entire music collection into the cloud andsyncall of your mobile devices to one library and one set of playlists.  You can stream the songs over the internet or keep copies locally on your phone…or so I thought.