Last week the NY Post made fun of Jeter calling him ‘Derek Eater’ and shared a few of pics of the captain looking a lil on the heavy side (check it out here).  He def. did look like he gained some weight, but apparently it was just the angle of the pics and he has NOT gained that weight.

Yesterday Jeter went on with ESPN radio and responded to the Post’s headline.


*Updated photo above in gallery from MLB tweet*


“I thought it was pretty funny,” Jeter said. “I guess there’s a lot of things you can do with a picture. The funny thing is we were just talking about, before then, the day or two before then, people were telling me I lost a lot of weight, and then two days later I’m on the front page of the New York Post. They had a little fun with it. But it’s over and done with.

“Hey listen, I’m not battling the New York Post,” Jeter continued. “That’s a no-win situation. I guess they do what they do, they had fun with it. I got messages with a lot of different people asking me what I’m doing.”