(Photos) Sports: Gold & White Or Black & Blue? Color Of Dress Sends Sports World Into A Frenzy


These are the times we live in. Arguing about the color of a dress on social media and EVERYONE getting sucked into it. Rather you thought the dress was gold & white, or blue & black, you likely were voicing your opinion via twitter, Instagram or some other platform. People were literally going crazy and wondering why it was even changing colors in front of their eyes. The sports world was no different as numerous players and teams jumped in the fun to debate what color it was. For the record ladies and gentlemen, the dress was White & Gold! Check the gallery.

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(Photo)MLB: 50 Cent’s Ugly First Pitch Gets Turned Into A Real Baseball Card


50 Cent’s first pitch from a New York Mets game earlier this season has become somewhat of a legend of it’s own. Hip-Hop fan or not, baseball fan or not, you heard of or saw his ugly, ceremonial first pitch. Knowing 50, many people still think he threw it so bad on purpose just for marketing or attention reasons. Not like he needs anymore attention cause everyone knows who he is, but hey, you never know. It was announced in January that Topps would be releasing a special 15-card series to commemorate all that is wonderful — and often horrible — about ceremonial first pitches before Major League Baseball games. The series actually gets released today, not too long after 50 was given an award for his pitch, the “Most memorable first pitch” by MLB Network. In case you somehow missed it, check it out below and check the gallery for the Card.

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(Video&Photos) MLB: Finger Jose Canseco Shot Off Is Making Miraculous Recovery


This is crazy! It wasn’t that long ago when Jose Canseco accidentally blew his finger off with a bullet and he was about to have the remaining part of it amputated. He decided not to and now his finger, while still looking crazy, is well on it’s way to being full grown again.

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MLB: Report, Cubs Player Detained In Dominican Republic In Connection To Shooting Of Six People!


Chicago Cubs star shortstop Starlin Castro has been detained in the Dominican Republic in connection to multiple shooting at a night club. His lawyer is saying Castro has nothing to do with it, but this story is a little crazy.

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Sports: Jose Canseco’s Fiance Calls Police After He Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her, He Responds

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - July 14, 2013

Jose Canseco’s Fiance Calls Police After He Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her, Canseco’s fiance Leila Knight told police that the former MLB star made numerous threats to kill her after she dumped him. Hit the jump for details.

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MLB: Say What? Alex Rodriguez’s Cousin Says He Urinated On His House, Calls Him The Devil!


File this under “WTF”! Alex Rodriguez urinated on a wall of his cousin Yuri Sucart’s home to send a message and mark his territory, the cousin’s wife Carmen told the Daily News in an explosive interview at the couple’s Miami home. Yuri in case you forgot is the man accused of being the middle man for A-Rod and biogenesis lab founder, Anthony Bosch. According to her Rodriguez is a terrible man who treated her husband like dirt and made threats to make him continue being part of the scam.

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(Photo) MLB: Huh? Fans Could Now Purchase Dirt That Derek Jeter Walked On During Games


A sports memorabilia company is selling a collage made up of dirt collected from ball parks where Jeter made his 3,465 career hits. Hit the jump for details.

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MLB: A-Rod Reveals Interesting Technique On Beating MLB Drug Test!


After admitting to the DEA that he did indeed take performance-enhancing drugs, Rodriguez has announced to the world his technique on PASSING MLB drug tests! The technique, referred to him by his doctor, actually got him negative results once. Hit the jump for more details…

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(Mugshot) MLB: A-Rod Paid Cousin $1 MILLION To Keep Steroids Use A Secret!


The NY Yankees third baseman, better known as Alex Rodriguez, or ‘A-Rod,’ paid his cousin Yuri Sucart for keeping his steroid use confidential. However, Sucart was not satisfied and demanded an ADDITIONAL $5M! SMH, hit the jump for further details on this escalating, crazy confession story…

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MLB: A-Rod’s Suspension Officially Over!


A-Rod served his one year suspension due to steroid abuse and is now back on the Yankees roster. Hit the jump for details.

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