MLB: Spygate Situation In Baseball? F.B.I. Investigates The St. Louis Cardinals For Hacking Information


The St. Louis Cardinals are known as one of the best franchises in Major League Baseball and can usually be seen in the playoffs, winning the “right way.” Well today may have left a black-eye on their franchise after the Cardinals were accused of hacking in to the database of the Houston Astros.

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(Video) Sports: David Ortiz And Rob Gronkowski Star In Dunkin Donuts Music Video!


Boston sports stars, Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots and David Ortiz of the Red Sox, went to work for one of their endorsers in an unlikely way. The duo starred in a Dunkin Donuts music video about iced coffee! Click more to check out the video!

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(Photos) MLB: St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Trolls #BlackLivesMatter Movement


The mascot, Freebird, for the St. Louis Cardinals was seen posing with a sign that read “Police Lives Matter” and the organization has since received some back lash. After getting so much heat from the picture, the organization released a statement regarding the situation. Click more to read the full story!

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(Photo&Video) MLB: Cincinnati Reds Stadium Catches On Fire During The Game! Fans Have To Be Evacuated


During the Cincinnati Reds 10-2 loss to the San Francisco Giants last night, The only thing on fire about their team was the Stadium. One of the turrets that release fireworks caught fire, forcing fans to evacuate the right field bleachers. Hit the Jump for photos and videos.

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(Video) MLB: Pedro Martinez Talks About The Red Sox Having Shots Before Games And Manny Ramirez Putting Viagra In Them!


During the Red Sox World Series run during the mid-2000’s, they were known as a wild bunch — adopting the name “the idiots,” for their fun-ribbing nature in the clubhouse. Well, now that its been a couple of years since that occurred, stories that happened in the locker room are coming in to the light. Hall-of-Famer, Pedro Martinez, shared some stories about the bunch sharing jacuzzi’s and spiking drinks with viagra!

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(Video) 52 year-old Bo Jackson Hit A Golf Ball How Far!?

Bo Jackson

Freak Athlete and Former All-Star MLB and Pro-Bowl NFL player Bo Jackson may the most athletic player we have ever seen in sports and if not for injuries, may have been a hall-of-famer in two different sports. Watch as Bo Jackson hits a golf ball farther than most pro’s.

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(Video) MLB: Six Players Suspended After Wild Brawl Between Royals & White Sox


Following the bench-clearing brawl between the Kansas City Royals & Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Royals right-hander Yordano Ventura was dealt the harshest punishment, as the 23-year-old received a seven-game suspension from the league Saturday. Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez was suspended five games, while outfielder Lorenzo Cain and reliever Kelvin Herrera got two-game suspensions. White Sox starters Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija were each given five-game suspensions.

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NFL: Russell Wilson Is Starting To Sound Very Serious About Playing Baseball For The Texas Rangers


Russell Wilson is basically on top of the NFL world right now. Yes, I realize he threw an interception to end the Seahawks chances of winning Super Bowl 49, but still the world is at his feet. He will be getting a huge new contract next year and people are already comparing him to other great quarterbacks, despite only playing in the league for three years. Now with all that said you would think football would be the focus of his life but Wilson was also drafted by the Texas Rangers and he is sounding like he really wants to play two sports.

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(Photos) Sports: Gold & White Or Black & Blue? Color Of Dress Sends Sports World Into A Frenzy


These are the times we live in. Arguing about the color of a dress on social media and EVERYONE getting sucked into it. Rather you thought the dress was gold & white, or blue & black, you likely were voicing your opinion via twitter, Instagram or some other platform. People were literally going crazy and wondering why it was even changing colors in front of their eyes. The sports world was no different as numerous players and teams jumped in the fun to debate what color it was. For the record ladies and gentlemen, the dress was White & Gold! Check the gallery.

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(Photo)MLB: 50 Cent’s Ugly First Pitch Gets Turned Into A Real Baseball Card


50 Cent’s first pitch from a New York Mets game earlier this season has become somewhat of a legend of it’s own. Hip-Hop fan or not, baseball fan or not, you heard of or saw his ugly, ceremonial first pitch. Knowing 50, many people still think he threw it so bad on purpose just for marketing or attention reasons. Not like he needs anymore attention cause everyone knows who he is, but hey, you never know. It was announced in January that Topps would be releasing a special 15-card series to commemorate all that is wonderful — and often horrible — about ceremonial first pitches before Major League Baseball games. The series actually gets released today, not too long after 50 was given an award for his pitch, the “Most memorable first pitch” by MLB Network. In case you somehow missed it, check it out below and check the gallery for the Card.

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