IFWT_Kenny Lofton

Former MLB star Kenny Lofton is wholly against Alex Rodriguez entering the Hall of Fame.  Lofton says since A-Rod is a PED cheater, he should never be enshrined in Cooperstown.

TMZ Sports caught up with Lofton at LAX and asked the 6-time All-Star the major question everyone has been wondering since the Yankees announced Rodriguez was being released later this week.

Is there any chance A-Rod makes the Hall of Fame?

Rodriquez was busted twice for PEDs, an issue that some baseball purists believe puts him out of the Hall’s running along with Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds.

Lofton agrees saying, “You can’t put a cheater in. Once you put one in, you got to put them all in.”

Lofton also pointed out that he was not on PEDs and was playing amazing when the rest of the league was juicing, and thinks HOF voters should take that into consideration when it comes to his own HOF chances.

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